#DriveClub Hands-on Impressions From PAX 2013 | PlayStation, I Love You

PlayStation, I Love You writes: "#DriveClub is a blur. A fast blur that allows you to feel the speed as you pass every object that sits along the road. The demo I played offered players two choices; a stylish race to gather points or a full-speed time trial to challenge the top time."

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user74029312262d ago

best graphics in any racing game so far

4logpc2262d ago

Are we watching the same demo?

ABeastNamedTariq2262d ago

I believe we all are -- at least, I think that's how the Internet works.

jimbobwahey2262d ago

I can't think of any other racing games that have tracks and environments that look anywhere near as impressive as what DriveClub has shown, particularly on a technical level.

Whitefire2262d ago

Drive Club: Notice the nice foliage and reflections from the dashboard, and notice the lighting makes it look more realistic.

Forza: This is a gif of Forza, notice how the fake lighting makes it look like a toy, and how the trees are 2D. Take a look at this gif, if the reflection were realistic you would see much less road, instead it's just mirroring what you see, you can even see the HUD above the car in front of the person playing in the reflection near the end of the video on the hood of the car.

DC in my opinion is more polished visually.

Godoftheweek2262d ago


those are excellent examples of the many differences in the amount of detail and complexity to these 2 driving games. One is a facade, the other is really attempting to make their game next gen.

Hicken2261d ago

Any response to those gifs Whitefire posted, 4logpc?

Probably not, huh.

FamilyGuy2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

Pretty sure we are, you've just got some fanboy googles on effecting your view a bit.

DriveClub looks amazing.

Those gifs show what's undeniable, I can't seen a valid argument in Forzas favor.

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ABeastNamedTariq2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

It looks friggin amazing!


I agree. Evolution seems to make huge improvements in their games (graphics-wise) during development. They got that down, so I think they can achieve 60 frames.

theWB272262d ago

Honestly it does....can't trust youtube of course but the latest direct feed trailer they launched didn't look very far off from the original reveal trailer way back in Feb.

aceitman2262d ago

I want to see a side by side comparison of the club and fortza 5 on screen before launch plz.

Godoftheweek2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

Agreed. Even with the off-screen poor resolution video, you can still see the real reflections of the environment reacting differently depending on what part of the car you are looking at, and even the little dips in the suspension slightly changes these reflections.

I also notice that you can see the interior of the car and the track through the windows. Then there is the amount of detail around the track, with all kinds of subtle little touches to make it more realistic.

What I don't see is baked shadows and lighting. I am really intrigued as to how good it will look driving with accelerated time, starting out in the sunshine, going to night, then back to sunshine again. Looking at the car, the reflections, the environmental changes all noticeable because of the real-time effects and not baked on effects that don't change, even if you are in a tunnel. :-)

The more I see of this game, the more I am looking forward to it.


Dude Dutch2261d ago

Looks good, but has quite fast growing trees. They pop out of the ground, oh dear...

RaptgamersUnited2261d ago

I Don't think they are the best graphics but the backdrops I agree are stunning.

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acdata2262d ago

wow the physics simulation is incredible. it reminds me Ridge Racer 6.

kayoss2262d ago

Are you using Ridge Racer 6 as a standard comparision for Physics simulation in a driving game?

acdata2261d ago

the similarity between Ridge Racer 6 physics & Driveclub is undeniable .

Sevir2261d ago

Lol, you took the trolls bait.

WeAreLegion2262d ago

Can't wait to start a club. How many of you are buying/downloading this?

ABeastNamedTariq2262d ago

Me! I'm downloading the PS+ edition first, then buying the full version (physical) around Christmas time.

WeAreLegion2262d ago

Good idea. I may do that, as well. :)

KwietStorm2262d ago

Have they said how many tracks the game ships with?

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