Gamedaily: Iron Man Preview

Gamedaily writes: "Iron Man kicks off the anticipated summer movie season on May 2, and Sega plans to accompany the impressive looking film with a 3-D open-world video game. Developed by Secret Level, this gorgeous superhero extravaganza casts you as the impenetrable Iron Man and drops you into huge war zones, as you use your suit's special abilities to give enemies the business. It looks sweet, but with images of the horrid Spider-Man 3 and Superman Returns fresh on our minds, we're a little skeptical.

To be fair, Secret Level didn't design either of those games, and Iron Man has a lot going for it, starting with its sprawling environments. In a sense, this is Iron Man: Grand Theft Auto, as it drops you into these gigantic areas with the freedom to do as you please. No, you're not carjacking people and bludgeoning hookers. Instead, you can fly hundreds of feet in the air and take on fighter jets, or crash land and square off against ground troops, tanks and other vehicles. And for each one, Iron Man has a signature move, as you'll watch him rip the cannons from tanks or bust through helicopter tails."

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