Will There Be A PS4 Sequel To Ni No Kuni?

Namco Bandai, today, have revealed that the Ni No Kuni series has sold approximately 1.4 million units worldwide since it's initial release in Japan for the Nintendo DS. This figure includes the worldwide sales of both the PS3 version and the Japan only Nintendo DS version. Will we see a sequel coming soon for the PS4?

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Irishguy951868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

I hope not, I do want another Jrpg from them, but with a darker and more complex story. Basically a spiritual successor with a darker tone.

Honestly I prefer RPG's to stay away from sequels and create a different world etc

-Foxtrot1868d ago

I loved Ni No Kuni but I did find it a little cheesy

The voice casting was the problem though, they sounded kind of bad

I did love Drippy though

chrispseuphoria1868d ago

I think that was the point, Foxtrot. That chessy nature of Ni No Kuni is what made it so charming. It almost felt nostalgic.

ZodTheRipper1868d ago

Ni No Kuni 2 on PS4 would be a day one for me ...hopefully Namco makes it happen, don't throw away such a lovely game.

NewMonday1868d ago

I would love a sequel on any platform, this game turned my CoD loving nephew into a JRPG nut, he later finished Xillia and now doing Graces.

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3-4-51868d ago

New game, same Art Style though.

ceedubya91868d ago

Its nice to see that the game did well. I personally had a hard time getting into it, myself. I may give it another shot later on down the road though.

Outside_ofthe_Box1868d ago

I would want a spiritual successor not a direct sequel personally.

SmokingMonkey1868d ago

exactly, have Studio Ghilbi make another darker world.

Roper3161868d ago

I can only hope there is, what a fantastic game NNK was

Whitefire1868d ago

Considering Level 5 already has a PS4 game in development I would guess no, but maybe down the PS4's life cycle.

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The story is too old to be commented.