I Was Probably Patient Zero at PAX. Sorry, Everyone.

GeekParty's David Roberts writes: "Every PAX seems to bring with it something known as the PAX Pox. It’s an affliction that can cause anything from sore throat to vomiting to other unpleasant reactions. I’ve been to E3, to San Diego and Phoenix Comic-Con, and none have caused sickness on a massive scale quite like PAX."

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xHeavYx2265d ago

Not sure what to make from this. if the guy knew he was sick and still went to a convention, he is a big (words that would earn me a ban)

TheNewSquid2265d ago

You've never worked a job before, have you?

xHeavYx2265d ago

I'm 27 years old. I've worked on my current company for the past 3 years, never took an unscheduled day off, never had to leave early. I attribute that to my good eating and exercise habits and the fact that I don't have kids.
Besides, at work at least you have cubicles to be apart from other people, not like PAX, where everyone is nest to eachother.

TheNewSquid2264d ago

Right, but when you work as a journalist and your employer spends hundreds of dollars to fly you out somewhere and cover an event, you really don't have the option of calling in sick.

xHeavYx2264d ago

Tell that to all the people who will have to miss work because of you

TheNewSquid2264d ago

I don't think this is even a fraction as bad as the food service jobs I worked that forced people to work with fevers or the flu. Or the warehouse job I had where I threw my back out and they repeatedly ignored my doctor's notice to not force me to lift more than 50 lbs for a week. People just work when they're sick/injured. In a perfect world, this wouldn't be the case, but it's not a perfect world and it happens every single day.

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hop3lessfray2265d ago

But were you also patient zero at PAX East?

I'm still trying to figure out what made me deathly ill: the convention or staying in Newark Airport for 9 hours.