How Microsoft Is Courting Indie Developers

GI:In this video interview, the director of independent developers at Xbox explains the new [email protected] program and why he hopes it will attract gamers and developers to the Xbox One.

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XboxFun2268d ago

Xbox One is doing everything right in trying to get the best games on it's system.

This is just one of those steps. Can't wait to see what these developers can turn out with a Xbox One that can be a dev kit and the inclusion of Kinect.

Xbox One, Day one!

Mario182268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

Just fyi, Xbox One is not the one getting games onto it. People are.

P0werVR2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

True, he was obviously commenting about Microsoft.

Either way, Microsoft truly did introduce indie development and publishing to console yet they don't get as much credit for that.

If anything their plan for indie development was always there and proof in how they made the dev kits as uniform to the actual console. Which is a benefit people don't seem to consider.

3-4-52268d ago

They did open the doors kind of, but they opened the doors to a building nobody wanted to work in/out of because it cost them so much.

Godoftheweek2268d ago

I am curious, can you be more specific as to what you mean by "Xbox One is doing everything right in trying to get the best games on it's system" please?

I tend to stay away from absolutes, because they leave you no wiggle room on what you are saying. From my understanding many Indie devs are not happy with MS and their policies. It is one of the main reasons as to why the PS4 seems to have so many more indie devs on board with them. The other reason is of course Sony showing by their actions that they love indies.

As for Kinect, I just do not see anything of substance being made for it, sure there will be some fun and silly things for it, but not much more IMO.

XboxFun2268d ago

Only Sith deal in absolutes..

Those policies has since been changed.

- Self publishing
- Xbox One can double as a Dev Kit
- Kinect support
- Self pricing
- Free updates and patches (I think)

As I have said they are doing everything right. I'm sure a google search on the subject could provide a lot more info and or detail than what I just provided which was right off the top of my head.

MS showed by their actions too, way before Sony jumped on the "trendy" Indie train. 360 had their indie channel for indies ran by the indie community. Their XNA tools were cheap and given to anyone who bought the license and had the credentials. The indie channel to this day is still supported and has hundreds of games voted by it's community. Of course this flies right under the radar of most.

And for Kinect, the first yes, nothing for it was too noteworthy. But this next one is more powerful backed by a more powerful system. The possibilities for greatness are now there. It's now up to MS and other devs to deliver some unique experiences for it.

DigitalRaptor2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

"before Sony jumped on the "trendy" Indie train"

How cute. Sony were picking up and/or nurturing indie studios, establishing the creativity of great minds long before Microsoft got into the business of games. Sega before them, and Nintendo before them. So on and so forth. What you are getting confused with is that Xbox 360's XNA program popularised indies as a marketplace option on consoles. That was a fantastic thing.

PSN on PS3 had indies from day one. Look back in time and you'll see that it's less about who's more responsible and more about the developers themselves, their games, their ideas and creativity.

It's wonderful that MS are recognising the validity and importance of indie developers just now, but I can't understand how they could have gone from such open XNA policy back to square one in the first place. I guess it comes from building a console around restrictions.

Bigpappy2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

@Godoftheweek. Those indie guy done gone and did a 180 on yah. Love Xbox again. Still love Sony too though, so don't get disheartened. We all get equal amounts of diamonds and junkware.

Godoftheweek2268d ago


"Still love Sony too though, so don't get disheartened."

Thank you for bringing me back from my feeling of no other way out then to commit seppuku. :-P

Greetings BTW, me and you used to have some interesting back and forth comments years ago on this site. In the words of MJ "I'm back."

ziggurcat2268d ago

@ xboxfun:

"before Sony jumped on the "trendy" Indie train. 360 had their indie channel for indies ran by the indie community."

no, sony has always been a huge supporter of indie devs. and i don't even know if you've ever looked at the indie marketplace, but it's almost entirely garbage shovelware.

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gaelic_laoch2268d ago

"Xbox One is doing everything right in trying to get the best games on it's system."

I will be waiting to see if M$ are walking the walk after talking the talk before doubling down on the cash! Talk is cheap after all be it SONY or M$

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iamnsuperman2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

Like this

I like how Indies are getting a focus. My net worry is these companies do not over populate the indie space (like what ios and android have done)

pbelmont2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

I wonder if Microsoft is allowing indie developers to develop X1 apps as well as games. With every X1 being a dev kit that means every developer will have open access to Kinect and I think there is a lot of potential there for some interesting apps as well.

ziggurcat2268d ago

oh, the hypocrisy...

now watch as the xbox fanboys praise indie devs after they've been ****ting on them (and sony, for having the best support for indie devs) since gamescom.

testerg352268d ago

Don't you guys do the same?

ziggurcat2268d ago

i don't recall anyone getting a PS4 who has dumped on indie devs, so no...

also, about 6 months ago xbox fanboys were beating their chests about how xbox had more indie support. when it turned out to not be true, and when indie devs started showing that they preferred PS4 over xbone, that's when xbox fanboys started to insult indie devs.

Bundi2268d ago

Indie/free to play focus not the same as having an indie program but not dedicating a whole show to just indies.

Indiestation fans are so touchy about this, I can't for the life of me figure out why.

ziggurcat2268d ago

that's funny because that's not the focus. the focus of the PS4 is games, as it always has been (and not TV or sports).

and it's also about providing a deeper, richer variety of games. so have fun while i'm enjoying the variety that the PS4 will be giving me while you're stuck with dudebro shooters.

Bundi2268d ago

But that IS the focus, at least it was for the past two game conventions.

People claim MS blew their load at E3 but evidence is pointing towards Sony having spent their load hack in February and only managing to announce the order at E3 and hiding behind indies and multiplas for the rest of the show and at Gamescon.

Dudebro shooters huh? Planetside, Killzone SF, Warthunder...tell me, which console is launching with these games?

No variety on One huh? Did they put guns in Forza 5? Is Below a dudebro shooter now?
Killer Instict?
Ryse Son of Rome is about world war 3 in space with guns right?
Let's not forget LocoCycle, most dudebro shooter of all.
Can't wait to shoot me down some Crimson Dragons at launch!!

You enjoy your PC ports and $5 games, I'll be playing all my dudebro shooters at launch.

CrimsonStar2268d ago

You do know that the xbox360 pretty much started and supported the indie movement for consoles ? So... yea ... this is awkward .

strickers2268d ago

I'm guessing cash and hookers. Am I right?
I thought Xbox fans didn't want Indie. After E3 and Gamescom, there was moaning at Sony for all those arty, small games.

Bundi2268d ago

I'd rather indies be a side dish and not the main course when purchasing a next-gen console worth hundreds of dollars.

What ms is doing with indies now is not the same as parading them like they are all they have at an important games convention. Sony on the other hand used indies to divert from the fact they don't have a lot of AAA games near ready for PS4.

kenshiro1002268d ago

Stop spreading lies and misinformation Bundi. Sony also has new exclusive IPs as well as Indie games. Really pathetic that you're trying to downplay what Sony's announced so far.

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