Major Nelson Shows The 1st Pallet of Xbox One's Ready for Shipment

Examiner: "With the announcement of the Xbox One's release date comes confirmation that the console has begun to be shipped to retailers."

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slimeybrainboy2267d ago

Whaaat? Isnt this abit premature? I have no idea how these things work but I would thought they would have given retailers units in like October at the earliest?

UltimateMaster2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

Didn't I just read another article saying they were starting production, like just a few minutes ago?

Oh wait, Major Nelson just posted that it was getting ready and was in production.

N4G, you're confusing me....

Wikkid6662267d ago

They have been in production for a while... the articles just state "full production" which means they are making the maximum amount possible.

They are just shipping to the retail warehouses... not the stores.

guitarded772267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

If it's true, we can expect leaks soon. Once they hit public space, someone always slips one out. But aren't they useless without the day one patch? May not matter anyway then.

Bigpappy2266d ago

The first batch will be for kiosk and so forth. Then they will ship mine.

pandehz2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

According to GAME nov 22 is release date

bigfish2266d ago

these units are ready for shipment and will be released later. it will be held in the pallet until the all clear is given about a month before.

LordDhampire2266d ago

to up the clock speed all you have to do is a software update, and both consoles will have patches to download at launch so you won't even notice it, they have been in actual production for a while

Mounce2266d ago Show
Boody-Bandit2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

Quoting Bigpappy
"The first batch will be for kiosk and so forth. Then they will ship mine."

^This made me literally bust out laughing. That was great.


maniak19372266d ago

you guys are silly. These boxes are packed only with the power brick.

wastedcells2266d ago

They make things fast in china

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n4rc2267d ago

Walmart, best buy and amazon distribution centers will receive them as early as possible.. They have a large supply chain

vigilante_man2266d ago

This has got to be good news for all XB1 & PS4 pre-orders as the party is now in full swing.

Lets hope we all get our new next gen consoles as error free as possible. Can't wait for that next gen magic to start.

The 360/PS3 will look a bit dated after a few months with these babies!

TheBurger292266d ago

just got my pre order in at walmart the other day haha just in time

hakis862266d ago

Don't know why Major Nelson is "bragging" on Twitter about this, when they had to limit themselves to 13 countries.

CerebralAssassin2267d ago

Major retailers have a warehouse. They are probably being sent there in waves. Then the warehouse will distribute them as they see fit.

Vip3r2266d ago

Not really. Think about it. They will need 100,000s if not 1,000,000s for launch and instead of keeping them in the one depot it would be better just to ship them to the retailers for them to keep until release.

JokesOnYou2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

Exactly I dont think people fully grasp what it takes to ship 1-2mil consoles to just a thousand retailers all over the country, not to mention a million more in just a couple months to all the other foreign countries. . You got to start as soon as possible day and night to make sure stock is there by Nov 22nd.

Blachek2266d ago

As somebody who in the past worked in a Distribution Center I can vouch for the tremendous amount of logistics and planning that goes into putting these units where they need to be at launch.

I remember working at Target and ripping open Pallets of 360's & PS3's so they could then be repacked separately into store specific boxes. Lead time for Distribution Centers alone is probably 1-2 weeks from Purchase Order > Shipping > Inbound > Processing > Staging > Picking > Packing > Outbound and that doesn't include the process of putting it on a store shelf for launch.

StoutBEER2266d ago

Whoo! I... need to pre order mine. I didn't pre order GTA V til 3 days ago. God i fuckin procrastinate at everything!

InTheZoneAC2266d ago

gamestop had the 360's a month before they were released.

ps3's...those were pretty much last second arrivals.

Gozer2266d ago

No Ps3 was readily available at launch. Im glad I didnt pay 600 bones for the ps3. Those people needed a sony stick stuck up their ass. Ps3 wasnt worth 600 bucks.

_FantasmA_2266d ago

You're right....PS3 was worth more than $600. Everything in the box expept for the charging cable. Brand new technology in the Cell and Blu Ray, true wireless controllers, web browser, upgradable hard drive, a PS2 inside, etc. Man I want a launch PS3. If I had known then what I know now about Sony's support for the PS3, I would have gladly payed the $600. Its a steal and worth every cent.

strifeblade2266d ago

What! XBOX NO FCC approval- HOW IS POSSIBLE? WHY NO sony get production0 they HALVE FCC. Me so stupid.

RegorL2266d ago

External pre-approved power brick helps, results in a lot less testing.

awi59512266d ago

They need to make millions that takes alot of time.It takes my company all year to make 2 million of a electronic product allot simpler than the xbox. So i say they are starting too late.

DiRtY2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

Because your company has the same resources and distributors like Microsoft...

awi59512266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )


Yeah we make electrical components and circuit boards for Honda,Toyota,subaru, acura , and other car companies. WE have plants across the world Us,china,japan, costa rica, India and several other countries i cant think of now.

Rageanitus2266d ago

Not at all. Transportation is costs ALOT of money, and shipping at slower pace when technically it is not a RUSH is very cost effective and safety of the cargo.

The 2nd phase is the distribute to the distributers and from there it takes time also.

I've worked in the clothing industry, and much of the clothing is produced and shipped well in advance of the next season. Reason is to have inventory for forcasted demand.

Eddie201012266d ago

Major nelson posting this just seems stupid and desperate. The Xbox fans eat this [email protected]#$ up.

And if Sony does this I will say the same thing.

Syntax-Error2266d ago

Desperate? You're the only one hear desperate here. Looking for Sony fan support over that stupid ass comment. He's posting a pick showing that consoles are ready for shipping, so how does that make it DESPERATE? What has shown Sony you? This was posted on twitter you moron not an official XBOX page. Get a damn life

Eddie201012266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

Get panties in a wad much?

Wouldn't any less from an Xbot.

_FantasmA_2266d ago

Yeah they have to point things out to make it seem like things are okay. They should just take the high road and keep their mouths and put their money where their mouth is. Instead they open their mouths and confirm their foolishness. Sony has been mostly silent. They are in cruise control. M$ is on damage control.

3-4-52266d ago


You know how long it takes to make Millions of consoles.

I would assume Sony is around the same step in the process as well.

trancefreak2266d ago

I have a question. Are these units speaking generally of the xbox and ps4; are they being made in different countries? Or are the parts being sent to a fabrication shop in single or multiple countries for logistical reasons.

I know a lot of electronics are made in Taiwan, Japan Thailand, Mexico and China < unsure about consoles there and etc.

Syntax-Error2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

Are you really that illiterate or really that absent minded? Do you know who major Nelson is and what this article was about? WHY THE HELL WOULD THIS BE A PALLET OF PS4's? The console is done and has been certified by the FCC since August before PS4 was. Those are units ready for shipping. How old are you?

moparful992266d ago

Playstations and Xbox's are manufactured in China and come over on large cargo ships.

trancefreak2265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )

Thanks moparful99 for the decent feed back.

For the other clown @Syntax you better check your mouth chump. You Obviously can't read and understand that, I said "in Generally speaking about the 2 consoles manufacturing process" and how it is produced out.

If you blatantly think I don't understand this is an Xbox article with Major Nelson sitting in front of a roll pallets of Xbox ones you are damn idiot.

Like I said "generally speaking" about "production of consoles" please tell me you understand the Words Generally and Production.

Next time choose you words wisely when you think your cool when trying to smack talk a guy with a legit question. It only makes you look like a fool. BTW yeah; I straight took a bubble as well from you.

So Slow down while reading since your comprehension skills appear very lacking.

I for 1 know who Major Nelson is; 2: I know what company he represents and what console he caters to and what consoles are in those boxes.

So if you don't have the ability to properly and respectively answer my question don't not reply to me with your nonesense.

moparful992265d ago

@trance No problem, a lot of consumers are unaware that the Xbox's are manufactured in China despite Microsoft being a major US corporation. But it's far cheaper to make production facilities and pay for the labor to manufacture in China then ship them over on a cargo ship..

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keyz15792266d ago

These are probably going to be the store display demo models to give people hands on time with the console similarly to how they did with the 360

Cueil2266d ago

no the boxes are labeled retail

Syntax-Error2266d ago

Shipping to stores would be suicide. Do you know how many immature GameStop managers there are out there. Talk about major leaks

Cueil2266d ago

leak? You can't play the system until MS updates it

Gamer19822266d ago

No way near premature when your shipping millions you need to start now if you didn't you wouldnt make demand. I would like them to send IGN one along with Sony so we can get some real game footage toher than dev kit footage.

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tigertom532267d ago

maybe we can demo the console in October.

gaelic_laoch2267d ago

M$ might be able to rig up a few PC's with xbone controllers in a few stores I reckon!

iamnsuperman2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

That has never happened before. Just stop

edit: I got disagrees for this. Why? No shop has ever had a PC running pretending to be a console. They have consoles playing as they get given them. I am not being sarcastic. I am being serious

gamewizard992267d ago

immature comment but it gave me a laugh.

pandehz2266d ago

Umm lol im not supporting any console as I play on pc but Sony did the same in E3 LAWLZ

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otherZinc2266d ago


Yes, I hope I can play demo boxes in the stores, I'd play everyday on my way home for work.

TheFallenAngel2267d ago

I work at a Walmart distribution center. I hope to unload a ps4 or xbox one truck.

Mario182267d ago

Hmm, if you just happen to open one. Give me a call I want to steal it OPPS I mean see it

YNWA962267d ago

Fallen, give me a call, will help you....

tigertom532267d ago

they be shipped to a undisclosed location in a large warehouse and then be shipped to store or DC few weeks before release date. I remember when they did this for xbox360.

Ketzicorn2267d ago

So what happens if a few "fall off" the truck?

TheFallenAngel2267d ago

It doesn't work like that lol. The computer shows how many are in the truck. I have to put them in pallates and label them. In some were missing, I would have to tell someone or face very deep trouble.

cl19832266d ago

Police get called and depending on how smart the crooks are they're arrested quickly

moparful992266d ago

I'm thinking we pull a fast and the furious style truck hijack that is full of PS4's :0)

Quicktopick2266d ago

il help u unpack. contact me mkay?

Nocando2266d ago

And have one or two conveniently fall off the back of said truck?

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corvusmd2267d ago

Maybe this means for retail demos???

Wikkid6662266d ago

No those units are for retail sale... says so right on the label on the boxes.

tigertom532266d ago

xbox person will have a special unit and kiosk sent to the store

Deanc2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

While ps4 is still not even in production lol... in before ps4 gets delayed.. ps has lost a whole lot of ground i the past weeks

iamnsuperman2267d ago

It is in production. There was an article about here a week or so ago saying production is in full swing.

Mario182267d ago

"ps has a whole lot of ground"? What does that even mean?