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GIZORAMA - Fighters in the 90’s used to be a simple but skilled sort. Players only had to deal with a couple special moves and generally were able to make up their own combos. Then things got complicated with more characters, more moves, pre-established combos, balancing, dodging, and 3D movement among other features. Divekick, the game, might be considered a joke but Iron Galaxy Studios’ spot-on parody takes us all back to that ancient 2D time in the fighting genre when for many of us younger players the matches with our friends would turn into a contest of seeing who could land that one go to move, the dive kick. The game also parodies the community and its personalities with a lot of inside joke humor that might not at first be obvious to those that haven’t experienced the community. While jokes are great, does Divekick present anything close to a playable and balanced game when it is centered around only 2 moves— dive and kick?

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