GamesBeat Review: Outlast

GamesBeat's Stefanie Fogel reviews Outlast, the new first-person survival horror game from Red Barrels Games.

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wita2261d ago

Good survival horror? Yessss.

Sadie21002261d ago

This pic reminds me of that one zombie/horror movie, but I can't think of what it's called. Where the police barricaded everyone into one apartment building because they didn't want the virus (rabies?) escaping.

This trailer looks scary as hell, too.

wita2261d ago

I think that was [Rec]. It was a Spanish movie, wasn't it?

Sadie21002261d ago

Ah, thanks! I was actually thinking of the U.S. remake, Quarantine, but you helped me remember it with [Rec]. Thanks!

Sadie21002261d ago

Did you see the original? I never did. I thought Quarantine wasn't bad for what it was.

1nsomniac2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

Yea the original Spanish version was called REC I think the American version was called Quarantine.

...I know what you mean though by the picture, cant make my mind up to buy this game or not, Maybe even wait for it on PS4.

*Looks like I was beaten to it.

barefootgamer2261d ago

Never saw [Rec] or Quarantine, but I did see the movie that started it all: The Blair Witch Project. People poke fun at it now (snot bubbles!), but it did have some genuinely creepy moments.

Sadie21002261d ago

I was one of the few (?) who went into the Blair Witch Project thinking it was a real documentary. This was when it was still relatively indie, before it hit mainstream theaters. Throughout it, I kept doubting that, thinking it was fake. Confirmed it afterward.

But it didn't mean the movie didn't creep me out!

crazytown992261d ago

Don't forget Quarantine 2: Terminal.

Because it takes place in an airport, so that's, like, a pun.

darkronin2292261d ago

Quarantine was alright. Quarantine 2 (in the airport) was total trash. A friend and I did have a lot of fun watching [REC] 3 though (it's on Netflix!). Weddings + zombies = always a good time.

Sadie21002261d ago

I didn't even know there is a Quarantine 2 and Rec 3. Gotta check them out now. Wedding-themed zombie flick? Heh.

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crazytown992261d ago

I played this at PAX. It reminded me a lot of Clock Tower 3, only the controls worked.

wita2261d ago

Yeah agreed, with all the hiding and fleeing and the little audio cues that tell you when a pursuer is near (like the heavy breathing).

wita2261d ago

Yeah, I remember [Rec]. My b/f said I screamed at one part, haha. I've never seen Quarantine, though, but [Rec] has night vision scenes, so that was a good comparison in the review.

deantak2261d ago

there are not enough zombies in my life.