Reaction: Microsoft Gatecrashes Sony's Global PS4 Release Party

The unified date will at least give Microsoft a minor advantage from a marketing perspective. It will be able to launch a targeted assault on social networks, print media, and television channels across the globe to really build excitement around its product, whereas Sony’s efforts will be a little more staggered; the online enthusiasm surrounding the North American launch of the PS4 will have died down a little by the time that the European release actually arrives. That’s going to create a challenge for the platform holder, but it’s a pretty miniscule issue in the grand scheme of things.

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NatureOfLogic2267d ago

32 > 9(complete launch territories).

xHeavYx2267d ago

I don't think a global release will give MS any advantage, especially if pre-order numbers are true. besides MS is launching on less countries and some countries won't even see the One until 2014

SeriousSam2267d ago

Not to nit-pik, but MS announced a November launch well before Sony. MS isn't "gatecrashing" anything. Besides, both consoles will be sold out for a good couple of months regardless of release date.
Good month to be a gamer.

thrust2267d ago

What are the pre order numbers?

jaelegend2267d ago

it will just come down to supplies.

get2sammyb2267d ago

Yep, that's pretty much what the article says! And even then, the difference is not going to be enormous.

Muerte24942267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

I'm seriously not being a fanboy when I say esRAM yields are whats causing the shortage. Nearly the same architecture but the only difference is esRAM. Proof that this is the case is shorting your launch markets. If production wasn't a problem then why decrease launch markets? Sony is able to launch in 34 markets, and Microsoft only 13. That's a reduction of 62% compared to Sony.


If you're talking about only America and UK then yes. If you're talking global, then the difference will be definitely 2-1. I'm being generous with that one, it can be much worse. Sony does better further they move from the west.

MysticStrummer2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

How are they crashing the party when they announced a november release first, are launching in less than half the countries, and have more features hidden behind a paywall and/or not even available at launch???

MasterCornholio2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

You know those type of parties where theres one guest that arrives drunk and causes a huge mess and starts apologizing to everyone for the trouble?

Thats Microsoft with the XBOX One.


But yeah the delay in all those countries are good indications that Microsoft is having production issues with the console. I honestly dont believe them blaming it on language difficulty's with the console. And the amount of features that Microsoft is bringing to the XBOX One after launch just baffles me. Its almost as if they are not even ready to launch this year. Again just my opinion from what i read on the net.