Gameplay Pics Micromania Game Show 2006 Paris

I'm back from the Micromania Game Show 2006 here in Paris. It was very crowded. They distributed some kind of tickets to enter in a booth so that you could play.

For the PS3 they distributed 50 tickets for one person every 30 minutes, and you could only play for 5 minutes. But As I was lucky to have a press badge and my teammates managed to bargain so that we could spent all the time we could to play. I played about 3 hours.

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jwatt4461d ago

After I hurry up and buy my car I will buy a ps3, I can't wait.

andy capps4461d ago

Cool pictures, did you get any videos?

OutLaw4460d ago

Good job kingboy with the pics.

I also saw the video, was that you in it?