IGN- Wikipad Gaming Tablet Review

IGN:The Wikipad is a mostly failed attempt at turning an Android tablet into a gaming handheld.

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zeal0us2260d ago

This thing was and still is DoA. So its not wasn't a hard fight for the Vita&3DS to begin with. The hardware inside is dated. You can go buy a better tablet for $250.

Blues Cowboy2260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

@TongkatAli - for some reason it didn't reply. Agreed. Have both, will keep playing awesome games on the train and in front of the telly!

Like Android a lot, especially 'fablets,' but a dedicated device like this seems unnecessary.

Thisisjuju2260d ago

Having recently owned (and promptly sold) the Ouya and seeing the reviews that are coming out for other consoles and handhelds I really don't see much of a future for android consoles.

Its basically games you can get on your phone with improved controls, but they are never console games so whats the point?