10 Crazy, Awesome Things I Saw and Did in Grand Theft Auto Online

IGN got to play Grand Theft Auto Online and, well...some crazy s*** happened. Here's a full report of the insanity possible in Rockstar's online portion of GTA V.

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3-4-52269d ago

People will be finding new things in this game 2-3 years from now.

In order to charge $60, dev's/publishers should be required to pack in this much content.

Otherwise the most you can charge is $40-50

brianace2269d ago

Man, I am looking forward to online more than I am the single player. And as someone who never plays online, that's something.

TrevorPhillips2269d ago

Go to the movies with your friends in GTAO :O

I can't wait for GTAV/Online!! :D

Outsider-G2269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

12 more days! Can`t wait to pick it up at midnight.

koh2269d ago

I'm actually happy that Online doesn't kick off for 2 extra weeks after the single player. I don't want to get too invested in the Online and neglect to really play the single player which Rockstar put years of work into.

MestreRothN4G2269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

You know what?
I feel like some things they did in the last years were really aimed towards GTA Online...

Max Payne = Shooting mechanics
Midnight Club = Driving
GTA V = The world and features

Since they would have to spend millions to develop top notch mechanics (and I have never played a shooter with better shooting than Max Payne 3), they got the oportunity to actually make some money back from the partial development.

Also, from their interviews, it seems like their focus now (and specially from now on) is on the persistent changing world.

I am looking to GTA V as a demo for GTA Online. Yes, you can hate me for that.

T22269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

Actually I somewhat agree with u but I went back to gta4 online the other day and it was kinda boring they would need to add alot to make freeplay really fantastic

Edit - wow just finished the article, they did add a bunch of cool stuff !

Trenta272269d ago

I wonder if I'm able to go grocery shopping in this game...

TrevorPhillips2269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

You never know, it's GTA online. If not, then maybe down the line. Rockstar did say they will constantly be updating the game

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The story is too old to be commented.