Dead Rising 3's "fully unconstrained world" only possible on Xbox One

Speaking to OXM at Gamescom, Capcom Vancouver producer Mike Jones has discussed how the (unequivocally) Xbox One exclusive action game makes use of all that shiny, shiny new technology.

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n4rc2267d ago

Funny how the article says they aren't using the cloud on this title.. Just for save progress.. So what does "the cloud" mean?

Chevalier2266d ago

If cloud is so great then how come Microsoft hasn't once had a demonstration of how it will be used?

thezeldadoth2267d ago

this power of the cloud nonsense is just backlash from butthurt ps3 fanboys getting picked on over "power of the cell"

Shane Kim2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

Haha no it's not. Xbots actually think dA cLoUd is going to do miracle.

PraxxtorCruel2267d ago

@ Shane

You also thought the cell was going to bring a new age of much for that.

Hellsvacancy2267d ago

The 360 is still waiting for it's Uncharted 2 let alone anything else, so yeah, "power of the cell" did wonders

Mike134nl2267d ago

Sony is using gaikai for its cloud services and Microsoft plans to further enhance their games with ´cheap-free´cloud support. Not much a miracle but useful in its own ways

ThanatosDMC2266d ago

Wtf, has there been an 360 game that has even come close to U2? Holy *uck if you say Halo ODST.

gigoran2266d ago

You know the funny part? In the future when these people with their xbox one collections can't play a majority of their games they purchased because the cloud they depend on for cloud processing no longer exists. Soooooooooooooo funny!

malokevi2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )


Wait a minute, that's not funny...


Not a miracle... who said that? What we do think is that it's better than no cloud processing at all. Much better, in fact. :)

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negative2267d ago

Sony Fanboys UNITE!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Superman-2267d ago

First of all, PS4 has also cloud system, so stop bullshit it cant be done on PS4

corvusmd2266d ago

True PS4 will have a cloud system, but it's not the same thing. It's more akin to what XBL has now."Cloud" just refers to an off console system taking on some of the burden...that's really all "cloud" technically means. Gaikai will be able to save 1gb (or 2gb...I've heard both) of storage off console and help with streaming of TV/Gaming services. The Azure cloud does all of this as well, except allows for unlimited storage instead of a 1 or 2 gb cap. Aszure cloud will have over 300,000 servers at launch where as Gaikai isn't even on the 10 ten list for dedicated servers (number 10 has 40,000). Sony bought the entirety of Gaikai last year for $386 Mil (that's buildings, servers, staff, rights etc), MS just spent $700 mil on a server upgrade in idaho, dedicated to XBL. Cloud computing IS a real thing and has been demo'd. PS Fanboys just want to dismiss it as garbage because it's the ONE area where either system has a HUGE advantage, and it's not PS4. Admittedly by EVERYONE even MS, the effectivness of cloud computing relies on how strong your internet service is. However, they see several tech upgrades coming in the future to help this. Despite that, cloud can currently provide 500,000 updates a second to a console to help make bigger and more persistent worlds, create a larger and more accurate AI, and even help with launch. Later it will grow and evolve, but this is all stuff that PSN isn't even close to touching NOW. Gaikai is more like current saying that they both have "cloud" and trying to compare them is actually extremely ridiculous. If nothing else, the shear fact that more games on XBL will have dedicated servers is a HUGE advantage. Ask Infinity Ward why the clam up if you ask them if COD will have dedicated servers on PSN, right after confirming that all COD games on XBL will.

Reverent2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

@corvusmd, next time, please properly space out your comment. No one will read it the way it is right now.

Anyways, Sony has said that Gaikai is capable of doing the same thing as Microsoft's cloud. So while yes, Gaikai may be designed for online gaming, it CAN do more.

JokesOnYou2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

Reverent I understood corvusmd perfectly....all very solid points. Of course sony will say they can do cloud too(quietly) just like voice commands which for obvious reasons they have never shown while micro and the game devs have actual games at launch with cloud use with UI Kinect intergration, with games using Kinect so lets be honest here theres a world of difference between having some limited functionality and actually delivering a comparable experience. The info is freely available Azure is far superior to Gaikai just as Kinect v2 is far superior to sonys camera almost every neutral site covering the topic will explain it.

-Superman-2267d ago

"only possible on Xbox One"
Yeah right... PS4 is 25-50% more powerful, and PC has unlimited power, and you say its only possible on Xbox One? Oh yeah...right... Microsoft paid money.

hankmoody2267d ago

You used your two bubbles for that? Sadness taints your face.

robotgargoyle2267d ago

The title of this article is misleading. If you read it (you won't), they are comparing it to last gen xbox360.

I always thought the Sony claim that some of their games could only be done on PS3 was horseshit.

Games like God of War, Uncharted, Last of Us, and MGS: Guns of the Patriots could be done on 360(if they weren't exclusives), they'd be on multiple discs and probably still wouldn't be as good graphically as PS3 versions, granted.

If 360 can do Skyrim, Crysis3, and Gears of War, It could do those games as well.

Golden_Mud2266d ago

Sony paid Ready at Dawn to say "We used the technology that will only be can only be powered by the PlayStation 4" , it's just every company strategy

Indo2266d ago


The 360 can do Skyrim, Crysis 3, and Gears of War but doesn't mean it can do anything the PS3 can do. Name any game besides Halo 4 and GOW:Judgement that really pushed the hardware of the 360 and compare them to the PS3 exclusives like say Infamous 2,TLOU, or Uncharted 3 and you'll see what's only possible.

Chevalier2266d ago


So then if 360 could do all these PS3 games like you claim then name me ONE game that is ACTUALLY on par with those games then?

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Mounce2267d ago Show
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patsrule3162267d ago

For those that read the headline and not the article...He was saying it is only possible on Xbox One compared to current gen. He didn't compare the XB1 to PS4 or say it couldn't be done on PS4. However, it is an XB1 exclusive so it won't be.

They also said they aren't using the cloud for this game, so this isn't a power of the cloud article. It was only about ram and raw horsepower of XB1 compared to current gen.

s8anicslayer2267d ago

In that case the title is misleading and should not be made to attract a war. So mis information will always do exactly what the author intended

Shane Kim2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

They are made on purpose to get hits. You think anyone would click on the article if it reads "Dead Rising 3's "fully unconstrained world" only possible on next gen cosoles"?

creatchee2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )


You have read and understood the article, and have posted a correct and intelligible comment. Bubbles to you, sir!

KwietStorm2267d ago

So the power of the headline strikes again.

NextGen24Gamer2267d ago

I enjoyed Dead rising 1 & 2, and I'm super excited to play this at launch! No load times & completely open world!!!!!

November 22nd

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LightSamus2267d ago

Thank you for repeating the headline...

CGI-Quality2267d ago

And having no understanding of it, at that! ;)

MysticStrummer2267d ago

...compared to current gen.

corvusmd2266d ago

Well it's an exclusive, so he's not wrong...

strigoi8142267d ago

sigh it is only possible on XB1 because it only release at XB1...stupid logic

GryestOfBluSkies2267d ago

misleading headline is misleading.

just flame bait here. moving on.

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