Ginx- Grand Theft Auto V Online Preview

Ginx:If you're an employer of adults, adults who enjoy fun and play video games, you're going to want to mark down a date in your diary. Tuesday October 1st 2013. For all intents and purposes -- this day may as well be a global public holiday. Seriously, if you're expecting work to get done, deadlines to be met or meetings to transpire -- they aren't going to happen on this day. Either your workforce will fall "ill", with a condition that could last anywhere from a day to forever; or they'll be utterly distracted, itching to get home every moment you don't just let them. Don't be angry -- you shouldn't be at work either. Because Tuesday October 1st 2013 is the day Grand Theft Auto - goes online..

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MestreRothN4G2262d ago

No new info at all and they have not played the game.

This is just an opportunist article trying to grab some hits due to the extended preview of GTA Online scheduled for today.

koh2262d ago

Thanks for the heads up. I'll wait til IGN's article later today

brianunfried2262d ago

I wouldn't take a day off work on Oct. 1st., don't expect to jump in day one and have a perfect online experience. There are always issues that need to be worked out with these large online multiplayer games in the beginning. Could possibly be days or weeks before it's running smoothly enough to play. I couldn't play Twisted Metal online for weeks after it was released, I'm sure everybody remembers the problems with just about every COD title too.