Xbox One Day One Edition to also come bundled with Forza Motorsport 5?

FIFA 14 may not be the only free game offered to Xbox One Day One Edition consoles. A copy of Forza Motorsport 5 may also come bundled in with the console, judging by a pulled listing at GAME.

GAME posted an image showing the Xbox One Day One Edition appearing to be bundled "with Forza Motorsport 5" on its website soon after Xbox One's release date announcement earlier this afternoon.

But the image was quickly removed, only to be replaced by a standard Xbox One 'Get In The Queue' graphic.

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GarrusVakarian2850d ago

That would be very appealing to me.

Yi-Long2850d ago

2 free games is a great deal...

... however, I really hate the whole DLC-milking thing they've got going on with the Forza games, which seems to get worse with each new release, so I haven't bothered picking up Forza 4 or Horizon, until they release a 'complete' version. Which I doubt will happen.

More and more it feels like nowadays you buy half a game for full price, and are then expected to buy the rest through DLC.

Not something I'm gonna be a part of.

UltimateMaster2850d ago

Too bad it's only the day one edition.
People could've pre-ordered more Xbox One just to get it bundled.

robotgargoyle2850d ago

Don't know what you mean by dlc milking. Forza 4 and Forza Horizon have a lot of content without dlc. Some of the cars have to be installed off of 2nd disc though. (DVD ROM not big enough for all of content)

They release car packs throughout games lifecycle. No different than any game's dlc, but Forza still gives you a lot of bang for your buck.

mxrider21992850d ago

@ robot you get more cars with gt5 then you do with the past 2 forzas and their dlc...

ALLWRONG2850d ago

"@ robot you get more cars with gt5 then you do with the past 2 forzas and their dlc..."

Yeah but most look like PS2 cars.

Yi-Long2850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

I really don't care about the insane amount of cars in these games TBH.

I just think it's a waste of time and effort to spend all that energy on creating new cars which they can sell as DLC, while what I really want is more TRACKS. Original cool fun stunning tracks.

And I don't mean as DLC. I mean that they should just finish a game, release it, and start work on their next game with all their effort. And focus on as many TRACKS as possible.

I love Forza's gameplay and all that, but the DLC really just puts me off.

tokugawa2850d ago

nice. i dont want fifa, so forza will be what i take. very nice indeed

cyberninja2850d ago

That's the reason why i don't like forza games no more.

Computersaysno2849d ago (Edited 2849d ago )

I don't think its a coincidence Microsoft are now wanting to bundle different free games with Xbox one for launch.

Its a great move for the consumer, but I suspect its another reactionary move isn't it after looking at the pre order number comparisons versus main rival?

Sony don't seem to feel the need to do any sort of deal or bundle on PS4. I spose if you have such a hot demand then you don't need to as people will just pay up....

Yi-Long2849d ago (Edited 2849d ago )


PS4 is 100 bucks cheaper, so people can make their own bundles for the price it would cost to buy an inferior Xbox One.

Of course the PS4 is selling much much better.

Plus Sony already announced Killzone + extra controller + camera bundle, for 499 euro. Which is less than the Xbox One price.

Oh, and when you've got PSN+, you'll already get free games waiting for you, like Drive Club. And even when you're not a +member, there will be many F2P games available for the PS4.

So yeah, of course MS has to come up with new ways to lure in more customers, cause right now, it just makes a whole lot more sense for many people to buy a PS4. It offers way more value for money, no NSA spying, and Sony seems a bit less interested in GREED, and more focussed on just giving gamers what they want (games), with value for money.

Fireseed2849d ago

Potentially given a free game... still complains.

CommonSense2849d ago

While it does sound appealing, it's highly unlikely. If you're going to bundle games with your systems, you'd make that announcement ASAP to encourage more preorders.

CRAIG6672849d ago

I have the Fifa version, if anyone would rather have this and has the Forza code to swap on launch day, PM me.

Gazondaily2849d ago (Edited 2849d ago )


Wow what's the point of deflecting this news with this whole DLC argument?

(Edit) Hold on, did you just say PS4 no NSA spying? That's how desperate you are to downplay this? Incredible.

This is a big deal and I'll be getting Forza for free at launch!

Also, this is now confirmed so why is there a rumour bar?

Yi-Long2849d ago


Because they're making a bundle that should entice me to buy their product, and yet the whole Forza business-model with all the DLS is actually what KEEPS me from buying it.

Both the game, as well as the console.

About complaining about getting a 'free' game: It's only half a game when you have to buy the rest of the content as DLC, and it's still 100 bucks more expensive than the PS4, which means for that money I can make my own 'PS4-Bundle'.

Same thing with the FIFA Bundle: I can get a PS4 and FIFA14 for less than the price of the XB0-bundle.

Gazondaily2849d ago


First of all, what's the NSA nonsense got to do with it? That point is extremely juvenile espeically considering you can detach the Kinect from the console.


" It's only half a game when you have to buy the rest of the content as DLC"

Half a game? Where are you getting this from? Have you even played the Forza games? They are proper fully fledged games...not broken ones released early and then patched numerous times later on (ring a bell?).

Stop exaggerating how Forza is dependent on its DLC. The past games have shown continued DLC support but the games themselves have always been impressive with decent content.

This just reeks as a poor attempt by you to deflect the good news here, for whatever reason. The simple fact is, you're getting Forza for free in the UK. That's it.

abzdine2849d ago

xbox fanboys are getting one game for "free" and suddenly MS are the best thing ever. what a bunch of hypocrits to be played like this.. pathetic.
Forza and da clawwd.. smh

2cents2849d ago (Edited 2849d ago )


I understand where your coming from but in the case of forza the contet packs are normally stuff that is constantly being developed. Not like other games where the content is already on the disc and the bastards charge more to unlock.

In the case of forza the content packs are for real petrol heads who want the latest motors and some classics from time to time, but the game that ships on disc is more than enough for most.

Your not getting a 'lite' or watered down version. Your getting everything that has been developed till the time the game goes to print.

My biggest gripe of the current gen was the loss of cheat codes and cool Easter eggs. I hate the fact that things that once could be unlocked by completing the game on harder difficulties etc. now we hae to pay for all the extra tat that should have been free. Costumes, weapons, hidden missions, these almost always fall under the category of 'downloadable content' which you buy then realise by the download filesize that the bloody item was already on your disc!

That's what I ain't got time for.

P.S. the saying goes... Don't look a gift horse in the mouth, but based on your distain for forza even though it could be free, compare it to drive club PS+ edition, your gonna be over the moon with how generous they are going to be.

maddskull2849d ago

it is not 2 free games you choose wethier you want fifa or forza not the both

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Godmars2902850d ago


And is this EU - certain EU countries - only?

tokugawa2850d ago

why the f''k do you care??

hkgamer2850d ago

UK pays alot more so its time we get a better deal

Cueil2850d ago

Microsoft seems to really want to make in roads into Europe

Kingthrash3602850d ago

its not....they think they have na lost this gen.

creatchee2850d ago

I wish it was. Or at least give us SOMETHING extra. Unless this is to compensate for later launch and lack of features?

yellowgerbil2850d ago

it's not. The only reason they are giving a "free" game in europe is because they are charging them $658.85 for the system. So really they are paying 158 dollars for that one "free" game

UnholyLight2850d ago

I could care less about FIFA. Forza makes sense for the North American market seeing as how Soccer is Europe's sport

ion6662850d ago

i'm pretty sure its a world sport. north america are the only ones that dont play "A FUTBAWL"!!

UnholyLight2849d ago

We do, but come on, MLS??

Beckham is the only thing that makes it worth watching. I'll take my Hockey, Football, and Baseball any day over Soccer.


^^^What kinda BS is that. Soccer is good when something happens but too often its 90 minutes of booooooring.

Just thought I should share my obnoxious opinion on soccer.

donman12850d ago

LOL... goes to show the faith Microsoft have in their XboxOne. "We know its overpriced and not as powerful as the PS4... here is a free game to get you to forget about it".

BX812850d ago

Oh snap! You trolled the hell outta that.

buynit2850d ago

I guess sony didnt have much faith in the ps eye toy thing. Its like yea we have that but it aint shit compared to kinect, even though we been working on it for decades.. So just buy it if you want..

donman12849d ago


Do you know how ridiculous you sound with that comment. So, you are basically saying how dare a company give me the consumer options. I want companies to force me to over spend on technology the mass (yes its been proven) do not want. Did you even bother to re-read what you wrote before clicking "Add reply".

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Playstaion 2850d ago

Launch day 22nd November for Xbox One let the Games Begin .

3-4-52849d ago

Forza is an awesome series and the perfect game to bundle with the XB1.

The Auction house is awesome.

Syntax-Error2849d ago

Back in the day all new consoles came with a pack in. I think it's a good thing if we they continue to do this considering the amount of money we are spending for consoles nowadays

rawd2849d ago

This is so sad... they keep begging people to buy the system with free games.
PS4 has no special incentives for purchase.

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StoutBEER2850d ago

Me 2. Except I don't live in Europe ;(

Eonjay2849d ago

BTW this deal is ONLY in the UK and if you look at amazon, the Day Ones are already sold out. I think the ship has sailed on this one.

Ripsta7th2850d ago

Wow MS sure is trying to get gamers back, BUT i have a feeling theres a cache... if not then props to MS

CRAIG6672850d ago

No, I think he means a cached copy of his comment lol

sak5002849d ago

No he means cache of secret games which ms has in it's backyard

Deadpoolio2850d ago

Yeah you'll just have to be OK with a system that may have a 55% failure rate again and that you can't get rid of when they bring back the restrictions and DRM in 12 months

buynit2850d ago

What if youre wrong o-0

Cueil2850d ago

yes there is... 47 megs of it :-p

meatysausage2850d ago

and australia will get nothing......
Im hoping they give away XBL, at least 3-6 months worth. Something...

caffman2849d ago

Amazon Australia is giving FIFA

meatysausage2849d ago

yeah so is EB, well that was suprising