Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Review: Taken to new levels | SnackBarGames

SnackBarGames: "If it weren’t a numbered Final Fantasy, it is unlikely it would have ever been fixed. Thankfully, it was, because despite these launch bugs, A Realm Reborn has transformed one of the worst MMOs ever to one of the best."

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MegaMohsi2269d ago

I can't even buy this game right now, seems like it's unavailable everywhere and the digital downloads are still halted. Awful start by SE for a game they already messed up once.

Spenok2269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

*Edit* I am sorry for the wall of text. But people are talking this game down for little to no reason. It needed to be addressed.

This is FAR from a "awful" start. Their problems consist of crowded servers, which is a good problem for them to have. Though it is definitely an annoying one for people who want to play.

It is hard to log in due to the high volume of people playing. Or you cannot create a character on your selected world as they are over full.

The ONLY bug with the game, I repeat ONLY bug with the game is the Duty Finder (IE Instance finder) doesn't work well. It takes anywhere from 20 min to 3 hours to find an instance with it.

This is an awesome game. It plays fantastic, it has a great story. Everyone who can play it seems to love it and the only thing people are upset about is the inability to play due to over crowded servers.

Look at other MMO launches, and you will see this is one of the best launches of an MMO ever. Hell, just look at the launch of 1.0 That was one of the WORST launches in MMO history. WoW suffered worse, SWOTR, Rift, Tera, FFXI, EQ2... I can go on.

They should have had the problems fixed after todays update, however it didn't work properly due to them having "Conservative" expectations. They added 3 new servers and increased capacity on every world. However it still wasn't enough.

Again, not a bad problem. People obviously want to play this game. Though, again, this sucks for consumers like you who have yet to be able to buy the game.

However you can more than likely find a copy if you look well enough. I went into a Gamestop on Sunday and saw some regular PC and PS3 copies. But try the stores you wouldn't normally go to. Like Sears, or Walmart. Or even Target. Try FYE if you have it in your local mall. Just call around. It shouldn't be that difficult.

TomSawyer1872269d ago

I bought it as an impulse buy the Friday before it came out and while the logging in is frustrating it is a brilliant game. I have it for the PS3 currently and have been recommending it to every one of my buddies since.