Microsoft Spinoff of Xbox Analyzed By Experts

With the sweeping changes going on in Microsoft, several analysts, fund managers and investors are stepping forward to say the company should spinoff Xbox into a separate business. Not everyone agrees, but the idea is gaining traction now that investor ValueAct, who many say wants to do this, is set to join the board of directors.

There is certainly a cacophony of voices about this question, both in and out of the gaming world. Whether you are a fan of Xbox or not, however, it is important to acknowledge that this conversation is happening now, especially since it really has come into the realm of possibility.

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yellowgerbil2265d ago

lol really invokes confidence in buying an xbox doesn't it.
They need to step up to Kaz's level and knock that nonsense flat on it's face.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32265d ago

Why would they do that when Kaz said Sony will be making less exclusives?

yellowgerbil2265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )

lol wat? when did Kaz say sony will make less games? everything points towards more 30 1st party games in development.
I was referring to Kaz's response to the same thing trying to be done by a sony investor 2 3 months back. He told him no. Long term we want to stay together so as to foster growth and cooperation between branches (paraphrased)
What I was getting at is the silence from MS that will leave people speculating
Hell they even got former sexiest man alive George Clooney to back them up

JokesOnYou2265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )

There is nothing new here pointing to a spin off. Just a few analyst weighing in on why they should or shouldn't. I'll still go with the fact that micro is growing the xbox division and they just brought Nokia is a sign that their overall strategy is to bring everything in under the Windows 8 umbrella. No spinoff.

darthv722265d ago

the title would be funnier if it said: "spinoff of xbox analyzed by xperts"

okay maybe that was funnier in my head.

Belking2265d ago

Dude,Kaz only stepped in to save sony, which he hasn't done yet, so don't count your chickens. Don't believe everything you read. Kaz still has to answer to investors so stop trying to make it sound like he is above them. They put him there and they can easily remove him.

yellowgerbil2265d ago

I was referring to how he made a case for keeping Sony together and convinced the public and investors why it needs to stay together. Was saying MS needs to step up and make a response like Kaz has. I don't see how that is hard to understand from my original comment

chuckyj12265d ago

MS is trying to take over living rooms so it wouldn't make since for them to spin off the Xbox. The Xbox is profitable and will sell millions of systems and games. Not to mention it is now part of the Windows echo-system. Which would even make less since to spin it off.

But, hell I don't sit in on M$ boardroom discussions and I don't claim to be an expert business man so I suppose it could happen. But, I don't think it will.