Capcom confirms support for WiiWare - "very shortly" says VP

After Treasure revealed last week that it was planning two new titles for the service, Capcom has become the latest third party developer to confirm its support for Nintendo's WiiWare.

The firm's Vice President Christian Svenson confirmed that his company definitely had plans to work on the Wii's newest channel:

"I fully expect us to be doing some WiiWare titles very shortly in the west," he said.

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BrotherNick3838d ago

I can go for zack and wiki puzzles, maybe 1-2 dollars each :D Maybe each one can be a chapter to the next part of the game.

ItsDubC3838d ago

Ya I'd be up for that too. Maybe the next Viewtiful Joe title will be WiiWare?

ChickeyCantor3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

they should bring their classic to Wiiware too! O O O and streetfighter would be awesome