Lack of GTA IV games in Europe

According to Swedish PlayStation 3 site there's a big lack of Playstation 3 version GTA IV games in Europe. The lack of games results in that only those who preordered the game before 1st of April can be sure to get the game in their hands. 10 days after launch more games will be available for the customers.

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sonarus3892d ago

They sold out of ps3 pre order stock even with the smaller userbase. Take two must have dropped the ball on the supply side.
Lack of supply is however a very bad thing. Anyone desperate to get GTA4 action could go for 360 model instead and acquire an arcade unit to go with it. Then again, retailers could start taking pre orders for GTA4 hardware bundle

Zarfoz3892d ago (Edited 3892d ago )

It's possible that the lack of games is due to them being used for the PS3 + GTA IV bundle. If this isn't the case many europeans may instead pick up a X360 + GTA IV, which would be a big loss for Sony.

whoelse3892d ago

Yeah, and i wish they would just announce it.

LightningPS33892d ago (Edited 3892d ago )

As sick as this war is you honestly think Sony is stupid enough to shoot themselves in the foot by according to a swesdish magazine not having enough supply of GTA IV.

I think they know how important it is. They apparently even went out of thier way to bundle the game.

Zarfoz3892d ago

@LightningFerus: Retailers are stating the same thing.

LightningPS33892d ago (Edited 3892d ago )

will buy an XBOX 360 because they have a PS3 but no way of getting GTA IV for it?

If we're talking non console owners, maybe that rumored PS3 bundle plays a role. But I'm not sure what they have planned.

But I just find it hard to believe. I mean both Sony and Microsoft have to be watching the release of GTA IV very closely.

Both have had plenty of time to be ready, and Sony didn't make sure they had enough games? They went out and they worked a deal to have a bundle, but "OH SH*T, we forgot the games" now everyone will buy an XBOX 360.

that has to suck.

Zarfoz3892d ago (Edited 3892d ago )

Of course I'm talking about the non-console owners. I do also find this very strange, but trusted retailers stating the same thing is a reliable source to me.

Exhaust3892d ago

"Both have had plenty of time to be ready, and Sony didn't make sure they had enough games?"

Neither Sony nor MS are publishing GTA IV. Take Two (publisher) and Rockstar (developer) estimate allocations. How important GTA IV is and how closely the platform holders have been watching has nothing to do with this. Platform holders don't rule the gaming industry no matter what fans think.

Alvadr3891d ago

Its hardly Sonys fault. Blame Take-Two! Anyways, I placed mine at the beginning of April, not the end of the world if i have to wait a few more days. As long as i have it for the weekend.

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Time Lord3892d ago

we should get most of the copies. (no need for shipment and crap like that)

iNcRiMiNaTi3892d ago

and their studio is in new york city. not sure but i read somewhere that it was a new york studio

St03892d ago (Edited 3892d ago )

Rockstar North is based in Scotland, "Rockstar" is based in NY

Alvadr3891d ago

The developer is based in scotland but they probebly manufacture and press the discs in some obscure foreign location so it wont make a difference.

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paul_war3892d ago

I have a large 24hr tesco a few minutes away, no need for a pre-order.

Unreal_Liquid_Jonte3892d ago

I don't think there will be a lack of GTA IV games in Europe, I think its propaganda from MS

Zarfoz3892d ago

So you mean that retailers are paid of by Microsoft to not sell enough copies of Grand Theft Auto 4 (PS3)?
Sounds not especially logical.

Unreal_Liquid_Jonte3892d ago

I was kidding, I don't know if its true, U don't know if its true, in any case this game will rock.

Meus Renaissance3892d ago

I cant find a store that will have a copy of this game on launch day or even launch week.

resistance1003892d ago


Currys are still taking pre-orders for launch. Along with -

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