Xbox One to Launch on November 22, 2013 in 13 Markets

By Yusuf Mehdi, Corporate Vice President of Marketing-

This is a big week for Xbox One! I am pleased to share a few exciting developments as we continue our journey to deliver the best Xbox ever.

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allformats2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

Good date. The day of reckoning has arrived. PS4 goes one week early in the U.S., and one week after Microsoft in Europe.

We've argued long and hard on the internet and come November, the results will be shown when gamers spend their hard-earned cash on PS4 and Xbox One.

Greatness awaits, whether PS4 or Xbox One.

s8anicslayer2261d ago

It's going to be a Busy!

nrvalleytime2261d ago

Very interesting strategy on Microsoft's part. Their European presence suffered at the last launch, so they've ensured a week's head start on PS4 and Fifa 14 to build momentum regardless of what might happen in a week's time.

Here in the states, they're probably relying on an established consumer base that will wait a week to enjoy the next generation. The European model is solid, but I'm interested to see first month sales compared when we hit the new year.

Either way you look at it, my kids are going to really like their Christmas presents. :-D

cleft52261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

A week after the PS4, seems like a bit of a misstep for the North American market. Having a week lead on the PS4 in Europe will be good for them. Either way I am glad everyone knows when the console of their choice will be out.

zeal0us2261d ago

Busy week, more like a busy month for gaming.

Muerte24942261d ago

I called this one. I told people they weren't launching with COD because that would make the "Buy up" deal with Gamestop redundant.

Thehyph2261d ago

Well, we all have our dates now.
At least that issue can be put to bed.

I shall invite any Xbox buying friends over for a next gen preview. I encourage you to do the same. Be polite!
Also to you future European Xbox owners: please do the same to your PlayStation buying friends.

Everybody is going to win in November. There's no need for the hate.

FamilyGuy2261d ago

Especially if you work at GameStop, BestBuy or Walmart.

mcstorm2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

@stevehyphen lol love how you still get Disagrees. Cant wait until I get my Xbox one as I cant wait for Forza 5 and KI but for me the end of this year is all about Nintendo for me as they have the most games im intrested in this year due to wanting a year out of playing FPS games as ive worn my self out playing them over 7 years.

But that said great end of the year for gamers as we now have a very good lineup of consoles and a very mixed but great lineup of games offered on the WiiU, Xbox one and PS4 as well as some of the big name games still out on the 360 and PS3 o and not to forget the 3DS and PSV.

malokevi2261d ago Show
sonarus2261d ago

Since i don't own sony or microsoft stock the sales figures don't matter to me especially not in the short run. What matters though is an excellent set of games that i am interested in playing. For XBox 1 the only game i am interested in really is titanfall which isn't even available at launch. MAYBE forza if i ended up getting the system. For PS4 the only game i would say i am interested in as of now is killzone shadowfall. I am also interested in some of the free games like drive club, resogun and warframe to name a few. I will be getting ps4 first simply because its cheaper and i have zero interest in kinnect. When titan fall releases i might get an Xbox one. If titan fall releases and there is an xbox one without kinnect for 400 bucks then i WILL purchase one.

YNWA962261d ago

yes, I need to lie about my overtime money to the wife now... ;) $1300 in a week.... hard to hide...

ajax172261d ago

Yeah, I'm looking forward to all the black friday videos. People are going be extra crazy.

pixelsword2261d ago

11, 22, 13

An odd and foreboding numerological portent, if you're into that sort of thing.

JokesOnYou2261d ago

OK great news I said yesterday based on 360 launch if they are shooting for same timeframe after production that would be 22-27 Nov. Can't wait now I can make my final plans to go to San Fran for a home 49ers game in Nov without missing launch day.

Ritsujun2261d ago

malokevi the Xbosh Clown.

gaffyh2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

Kinda expected this date, but a bit of a weird way to announce it. They could have done it at GamesCom and at least got some respect for making the announcement by Europeans.

Also, I feel like Sony has beaten MS again here. They're releasing a week later in their home territory, and if the stock is exhausted, they will go into Black Friday with nothing to sell. I'm sure they've thought of that and tried to mitigate it, but Sony will have an extra week to sell and restock in between.

However, at least they are doing a simultaneous release in the 13 countries they announced. That is one thing they have beaten Sony with there.

Death2261d ago

Target capacity is 4 million per month released on 3 week cycles. The missing week for transport. Both systems are in full or retail production, but not at peak capacity to reduce the amount of units in storage. With both launching in the middle of Novemember, the only units available for Black Friday will be units withheld by retailers/distributors. December 6th and 13th will be the next shipments sent out for Christmas shopping.

Ashunderfire862261d ago

A busy 2 weeks, but I know which one I am getting.

darthv722261d ago


ahhh forget the kids...I'M going to have a really great christmas present. My kids can watch me play. lol

AngelicIceDiamond2261d ago

The biggest holiday in console history by far. Once again the console comes out 1 day before my birthday great news for me personally.

I hope MS and Sony have terrific launches.

guitarded772261d ago

Party at stevehyphen's house!!!

Glad we have the dates. I really expected MS to go a week before Sony. Can't wait to see the launch of both... it's gonna be crazy.

EVILDEAD3602261d ago

Day ONE baby!

What an EPIC November for gamers.

Great move on Forza 5 for Europe as well.

Bring on the Next Gen


vegnadragon2261d ago

Since on lunch day supplies are limited, having a close date doesn't really matter much, cause you are not getting one without a preorder.

Computersaysno2260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

If you needed a next gen preview then you should have come played my PC 2 years ago LOL

Serious though, Sony first in North America where they need to gain ground, and Microsoft in Europe ditto.

Can't wait to see how they stack up against each other on multis

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Genesis12952261d ago

As an Australian this makes me happy to know its not being delayed prior to the US release date. Still will be receiving both X1 and PS4, Next Gen here I come. :D

vigilante_man2261d ago

Sony were very shrewd. They got wind of the XB1 dates and decided to pitch themselves a week earlier in the US (MS stonghold) and a week later in Europe (Sony stronghold).

At last we have the dates!

B-radical2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

Some people are lucky enough to get both
:( not me though

Times like this i wish MS and Sony weren't so stingy and would let us cross chat from x1 to ps4

Skype good thinking mang

Ripsta7th2261d ago

Id prefer crossplay not just crosschat but imagine how chaotic it would be! It would take N4G to a new level lol


Yup, console wars finally step out of the internet... Well, not really, we would need to go outside and risk a nasty sunburn or something, better avoid that... But a step above forum discussions anyway!

0ut1awed2261d ago

I'm lucky enough to get three :D

All ps4s though.

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TRD4L1fe2261d ago

lmao, you made it sound like a commercial for huge boxing match

BlueBlood172261d ago

She looks like an albino goblin O_o

GiantEnemyCrab2261d ago

haha Yes, she has a face for radio BlueBlood17

FamilyGuy2261d ago

Wow, someone was really good at guessing.

DeadManIV2261d ago Show
MazzingerZ2261d ago

X1 is released a week before PS4 in part of Europe and the rest of Europe until 2014 but Europe wasn't really in their mind when setting the date but rather the earliest possible for US
Wonder if they will manage to restock for Xmas? As launch consoles should be gone at launch if the console is really that expected

Good there's a date, week later , week after doesn't matter, people getting the X1 will get it even if the PS4 releases a week after and viceversa

The difference are all those European countries getting the PS4 dayone and Japan still a question mark as SONY has yet to confirm a date, probably at TGS

Another interesting thing to observe after launch is the capacity of restock for xmas

Death2261d ago

Consoles ship in three week cycles. December 6th and 13th are the next shipments out for the PS4 and XboxOne.

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Outsider-G2261d ago

My prediction was correct.

Outsider-G2261d ago

MS and Sony going head-to-head on the same month is very exciting.

StoutBEER2261d ago

Whoo! Now the wait beg- Oh wait, Ill worry about this in November, right now GTA V!!!!!

StoutBEER2261d ago

This is amazing. This is all it took. Both consoles release dates have been announced, and there is no one arguing. Yay varily! This is a great day indeed.

DiRtY2261d ago

Can't wait.

Ryse, Dead Rising 3, CoD Ghosts, Fifa 14 and another 12 days of annual leave I still have to take this year...

I don't think it can get better than that.

meatysausage2261d ago

replace COD with Forza haha :)

T22261d ago

Replace cod with killzone ur limiting your options too much

Flipgeneral2261d ago

Remind me to get all of my Xmas shopping done before Nov15!

jah-Fu2261d ago Show
SilentNegotiator2261d ago

That doesn't seem like a smart plan for MS. Why would they want to go late in the market that they've relied on all these years (and with how much more popular PS4 is at this point, they could even stand to lose a LOT of ground in), but first in the region that didn't even care that much about them last gen with an entire year and a half headstart?

Death2261d ago

It's actually kind of smart. Going the same week as PS4 with all the pre-orders would be a very bad thing. Going a week later and trying to catch some of the disappointed gamers that couldn't find a PS4 is very smart.

SilentNegotiator2261d ago

They could also go BEFORE ps4.

Ittoryu2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

They launched on black Friday 9 years ago with Xbox360 and their doing it again this time. Hoping the rush of sales and shopping traffic will work in their favor.

klashawnd2261d ago

@ Ittoryu Black Friday is actually the 29th of November this year.

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Dee_Cazo2261d ago Show
JoeKerr692261d ago

"Greatness awaits"...... unless you are a PC gamer, which means all you know is greatness

TBONEJF2261d ago

so launching on BLACK FRIDAY smart move but SONY have a week head start.

showtimefolks2261d ago

good date, both consoles are releasing pretty close to each other world wide

IRON883 2261d ago

I am kinda surprised that Xbox set the date a week later after PS4 we see how this plays out but first I get my ps4 and then half or year later the Xbox

acdata2261d ago

So the Ps4th CPU run the same clock as the WiiU interesting.

Irishguy952261d ago

Yeah, but it's a better a huge margin

Ozmoses2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

Gonna be a huge month... Time will tell

trancefreak2261d ago

I should of ordered a day one but hopefully by summer when the games are rolling the consoles get some software updates I will be ready to rock.

Has 3d been confirmed for movie or game play on the XBOX ONE? I know some think 3d is gimmicky overrated but I like it.

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nrvalleytime2261d ago

And all the people said, hallelujah. PS4 and Xbox One within a week of each other will be a gamer's dream come true.

Everyone wins.

Clarence2261d ago

How did M$ European launch suffer last gen? They had a year and half headstart.

nrvalleytime2261d ago

Overall standing now. The 360 didn't initially sell well at launch, and the 18 month delay for the PS3 has had no visible repercussions. It was basically a 1 1/2 year fluke.

trancefreak2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

Like Coolio said it will be a Gangsta gamin paradise.

I just don't know how many games to get yet because we are getting some M-Player goodness with these launch consoles. I want Titan-fall but I wont have an Xbone until next year, BF4 mostly likely on my PC and Killzone looks sick for the PS4.

Convas2261d ago

One day before my birthday! Sweet!

QuantumWake2261d ago

Hey my birthday is also on Nov 23rd! :D

Can't wait for these next gen consoles! I'm sooo excited!

mikemadden2261d ago

My birthday is on the 23rd too!

dmeador2261d ago

Lol, i guess people disagree its your birthday