8-bit fighter Pocket Rumble needs fighting game fans' support on Kickstarter

Pocket Rumble harkens back to days of old with an 8-bit style strongly resembling the visuals found on the often highly praised Neo Geo Pocket Color system and takes inspiration from a multitude of different fighting games for it's wide variety of mechanics used by the various characters. With passion for fighters fueling the team, this potential little gem of a game you might be one you'd sorry to miss out on supporting. 10$ will get you a digital copy of the game for PC, Mac or Linux once the game is complete.

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Baka-akaB2263d ago

i'll pass , i'm a fighting game fanatic , doesnt mean i'll support just about anything fighting game . Will sound shallow , but why would i support a game that look worse than even street fighter 1 or Fatal Fury 1 ?

I certainly aint nostalgic for Neo geo pocket throwbacks even with modern mechanics .

PrimeGrime2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

I loved the Neo-Geo Pocket but this is too much. They say "inspired" but a lot of the characters especially Naomi look exactly like ones you would find in KoF.

I don't feel that is right just taking other peoples ideas and slightly twisting them to make a profit from. In Naomi's instance, that is Terry Bogard from KoF just made female..

I am all for a new game like this but not one that lacks creativity like this one.

Especially when its aim is to be put on PC only. Why on earth would I pay hard earned money a game that looks worse and play wise looks worse than even the oldest Neo-Geo Pocket games that I could just emulate for free now on PC.

I'll stick with the classics, thanks. This is just too similar to KoF on Neo-Geo, just no way I could support it knowing it isn't even from the same people. Just some kids trying to cash in on old ideas without even changing them that much which is even worse.

cero552263d ago

Kickstarters are kinda getting out of hand.... i mean im down for Shantae and Mighty No. 9,but thats because i know the games will be good.

ElementX2263d ago

I don't see how this is any different than an advertisement. Why was it approved? The last thing N4G needs is an article for each and every game on Kickstarter. I hope this doesn't become a trend

fsfsxii2263d ago

Whats next?? Kickstart a console? Oh, wait..

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