Blacklight Retribution PS4 recorded LIVE @ Gamescom

PlayStation 4 looks to be the next-gen console of choice for F2P developers. Worlds Factory tried quite a few at Gamescom, including Blacklight Retribution PS4, and you can check the recorded FullHD (off-screen) footage here.

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GarrusVakarian2260d ago

Why are people playing these games on off screen videos always so bad?

From the footage, it kinda looks like a Sci Fi CoD. Ill download it, give it a go, but im not particularly hyped.

kaiserfranz2260d ago

Perhaps it's because they're playing the game for the first time on a entirely new controller?

It's not a particularly innovative game, that is for sure, but it's fun and free.

GarrusVakarian2260d ago

Its still a controller, same basic shape with sticks and buttons, you don't have to be a veteran gamer to be half decent at games.

cleft52260d ago

Probably because they are a smaller site so they can't access to direct feed content like a major web sites can. Or it is just simply a matter of wanting to get the content out there as fast as possible to get clicks and views or their web site.

The main point of this stuff is just to see how the content looks so far on the ps4, with the understanding that this is going to be sub par compared to direct feed content.

DaGR8JIBRALTAR2260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

Same here ,but it looks like a waste of your time. With all the triple A titles availible on day one I can't see myself spending too much time with this.


MysticStrummer2260d ago

"From the footage, it kinda looks like a Sci Fi CoD. Ill download it, give it a go, but im not particularly hyped."

Yeah I can't really say I'd buy this for more than $15 or so, but since it's a free title that can be played online without PS+ I'm sure many people will at least give it a try.

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bub162260d ago

Not gonna lie. it looks like crap

ballsohard20132260d ago

this is next gen... blah! looks like shit. ps4 and x1 better come better than this if im parting ways with about 1200 smacks between two consoles, online sub. and games