Gamescom 2013: Hands-on with COD Ghosts: Cranked

Cranked is the brand new game mode that is marking its arrival with the launch of Call of Duty: Ghosts on the 5th of November. A lucky few of us managed to get up close and personal with the Infinity Wards next big first person shooter at Gamescom, where Cranked was on the playlist and ready to to be tested.

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schmoe2261d ago

awesome "fun" mode i reckon..

HanCilliers2261d ago

Great read, it seems like Ghosts is going to be THE Call of Duty title.

Choc_Salties2261d ago

Time will tell... Sooner or later, time will tell...

GabeSA2261d ago

Sounds interesting, but I do see this becoming another issue in the game. 30 secs is long I agree, but lets hope that being cranked doesn't give you an unfair advantage throughout the game, but rather just like another perk.

DesVader2261d ago

I <3 the idea of this game mode. Its not going to be a competitive mode, its just for good fun and laughs.

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