Microsoft wants HTML 5 on the Xbox One

Microsoft is considering implementing HTML 5 onto the Xbox One, this is in order to attract more developers to its Windows Phone platform.

This announcement follows in the wake of Microsoft saying that they are lowering yearly development fees on their phones. It also follows yesterdays acquisition of Nokia's phone business for $7.1bn.

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Ksar2265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )

Could be a great feature for Xbox One.

golding892265d ago

Hmm.. this would be pretty neat feature to have on there I must say.

UltimateMaster2265d ago

You need to tell me they don't have it?




Kayant2265d ago

MS has been playing their cards right..... By having one core kernel and UI interface across all their platforms they can easily integrate a lot of features in between them. This is the same strategy Apple uses.

This will definitely lead a lot of apps being on XB1.

mcstorm2265d ago

I agree this is something Microsoft have been trying to do for years but the last time they tried this the govermants stopped them but now that Apple were aloud to do it Microsoft are moving everything closer together. With Windows RT running on Windows 8 and Xbox one and Windows Phone to be moved over to RT soon too it will make app development even easer for developers and now that Windows 8 is up to 7.8% market share and Windows Phone is now starting to hit 10% in Europe and Africa it could really help the Microsoft Store Eco system and help push apps on all platforms.

I really like what Microsoft are doing at the moment I just hope the keep the Nokia name for the phones as this is the reason why there phones have picked up pace in Europe as Nokia is a big name over here unlike in the US where I think MS will get away with bringing out a Microsoft Lumia but wont get away with that in Europe.

That Said being on November when I can get my xbox one pre order and start playing Forza 5 and KI.

UltimateMaster2265d ago

Yeah, the new BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 is outselling the Windows phone in most markets.

Android reigns supreme and Apple overly expensive iPhone is taking a curve downwards.

Maybe the new i7 iPhone will make them go up again.
But the problem is not the product, it's the price.

BlackBerry already released a completely revamped OS with the Z10 touch screen and Q10 mini keyboard.
You can easily access all your social media and emails in a singular spot, bringing you all the news at once. kinda cool. Plus, you can put your apps in folders, also a good feature.

And you can import every single Android Apps/Games over using a PC Program.
And Gameloft games comes in native on the BB, meaning you can download it directly from the App World instead of allowing third party apps which could lead to hacking and security breach.

And Black Berry isn't part of the NSA's PRISM, as far as I know.

mcstorm2265d ago

@UltimateMaster Please tell me you are taking the P*** about Blackburry outselling WP in most markets? If your not please can you show me where this is as I follow the Technology market because of my job and not once I have seen a Rim device out sell Windows Phone.

Windows Phone is at this moment the fastest growing market yoy and getting close to 10% of the market.

Android is still number one and will stay number one for a long time purely because around 70% of devices in a phone shop are Android.

Apple are selling less each year but with the roomer of Apple making a lower end Iphone as well as there high end it could see a boots again.

Rim is not in a good shape and is not making a any headway in the market and I don't see them coming back but would like to see 4 or more big names in the market.

SouthClaw2265d ago

I think Xbox One needs to really hit it out there with getting a lot more apps. This means Microsoft need to lower the bar just a little bit. I don't expect them to make it like Andorid and have a load of useless spamware apps but give us more choice. In the UK there's an app called TVcatchup that lets you stream live TV they have it on android and iOS i believe but they have been trying for a while to get it on Xbox 360 with no luck. It is apps like that I want on a console not a stupid pizza ordering app...

YNWA962265d ago

@SouthClaw, exactly. If implemented properly, without the BS spam you get on Android, X1 could be the centrepiece of everything you do.

3-4-52265d ago

so they want more trash apps and filler garbage like the apple store ?

NoLongerHereCBA2265d ago

Too bad I can't read the story; Forbidden - Users from your country are not permitted to browse this site. :P

TNTgamer2265d ago

what country are you in my friend, I will try and fix that for you.

NoLongerHereCBA2265d ago

The Netherlands :) Thank you.

VonBraunschweigg2265d ago

I can confirm this:)

Waarom kunnen wij Nederlanders die site niet lezen?

wenaldy2265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )

Narnia I guess. Im joking I love joints from Netherland :)

TNTgamer2265d ago

ok, should be fixed, go ahead and try again my friend :)

NoLongerHereCBA2265d ago

It works! Thanks for responding so quick and fixing the issue :)

VonBraunschweigg2265d ago

Once again....I can confirm this. Good job buddy!

Doghead2265d ago

HTML 5??? lol
A company that locks Its brower (Internet explorer) behind a pay

Even common internet broswer is locked by a paywall.

thrust2265d ago

Its not you can use it with a free account, stay upto date mate.

Kayant2265d ago

It's only in the US I think but the website says otherwise --->

It hasn't changed here in the UK I just checked it and the Xbox website still says it's needed --->

Cueil2265d ago

the browser is HTML5 ready... even the Xbox 360 version has HTML if I'm not mistaken... that's not what they are talking about... they are talking about allowing people to publish apps using HTML5

thrust2265d ago

He said that IE is behind the pay wall and it is not!

Bundi2265d ago

...just not available at launch, along with everything else great about the Xbox One.

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