Xbox One Production Issues False Rumours

There have been rumours circulating that the Xbox One is facing production issues which could have subsequent effects on the Xbox Ones release. However, yesterday Albert Penello, Microsoft’s Senior Director of Product Planning and Management, finally cleared up any rumours as being false via a post he made on the NeoGaf.

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Muerte24942262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

Microsoft will definitely let you know their having production issues while Sony is churning out ps4 like candy. What response did you expect him to give you? The architecture as a whole was fine. The only problems were coming from the ESRAM that were indeed, causing yield issues with the chipset. If this weren't the case, they would not have cut their launching markets by over 33% (21 to 13).

Mr Pumblechook2262d ago

In the video interview for the announcement date Yusuf Mehdi, Xbox’s Corporate Vice President of Marketing explained “We finally went into full production on the creation of the Xbox One… We wanted to get a few things ready before we do that one of them was to hit our full production.” Which suggests Microsoft wanted to be sure of the units they could produce before announcing a date.

Godmars2902262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

And of which sounds like they had production issues.

If they are just now going into full production, announcing a second increase in the quality and value of their hardware, then they had issues with production.

Didn't say this was indication of another RRoD. Just the opposite in fact. Its measure meant to prevent issues with the product they're making.

But its still resulted in issues with producing the product that's being made. The PR guy is saying exactly as much in PR speak. You can see the actual effect in the reduction of the promised product.

YNWA962262d ago

No, they got fingers burnt last time, so obviously they are being cautious. But this is a fanboy wet dream... what do you expect here?

SuperLupe2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )


How on planet earth you get to that conclusion is beyond my understanding. Does PS fanboyism damage cell brains or something ?

Is their something Im not aware of ???

trafalger2262d ago

some people just enjoy digging up dirt. m$ already stated the xbone is getting a larger scale launch than the original xbox. when they announce official figures we can argue then but right now it's just more hyperbole that continues to feed the masses who just like to bicker about everything. even with products they hold no interest in.

JokesOnYou2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

If you were making tweaks up to now for GPU and CPU that in itself speaks to no eSRAM yield or hardware issues because if you have those problems the last thing from a production perspective you would want to do is upgrade specs, unless of course you wanted to delay the console entirely for at least a few months. These rumors are tied to the same source that said the X1 would be downclocked today we know both rumors were baseless.

Muerte24942262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

[email protected] all you people who think Xbox One's upclock was planned from day one. Those original clocks were set by AMD to ensure the console's longevity. The 10% CPU upclock and 6% GPU does nothing but heat up your console faster. Didn't Microsoft say specs don't matter? They why bother upclocking 10-6 percent?

Like I said, what did you expect Microsoft to say? This was a rushed system from it's policies all the way to it's "VCR" design. Xbox One architecture is very similar to ps4 with the exception on ESRAM. Answer me this then, why can Sony launch in 34 markets at launch and Microsoft only 13? You'll need a day one patch to play offline. Main feature like TV and voice commands aren't supported in most areas outside the US.

trafalger2261d ago

"Answer me this then, why can Sony launch in 34 markets at launch and Microsoft only 13? You'll need a day one patch to play offline. Main feature like TV and voice commands aren't supported in most areas outside the US."

it could be many reasons. one is kinect and its voice controls. one is also how the consoles are divided by each region. sony could have twice as many places they are releasing in but half the amount of systems m$ has in those same regions. what is clear is m$ has sated many times this is there biggest launch ever. maybe half of all systems will be in the u.s., who knows. why isn't sony releasing the ps4 in those regions all on the same day?

if you live in a region the xbone has been delayed in then you have a right to be concerned and want answers. however if you have no intention of getting one then why make a big deal about stuff you have no information on?

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falviousuk2262d ago

Can you provide fact based evidence as to the yield issues with the ESRAm (not some rumour from elsewhere either)

Can you also provide FACT based evidence as to production ussues they are having with manufacture of the consoles, again no rumours

No_Limit2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

In CBOAT we tr.... Huh, GPU increase 6%, CPU 10%, November 22 launch date and the largest shipment in Xbox console history. CBOAT and his Yield issue is nowhere to be found.

Another rumor, MS is selling Xbox division and is focusing in software only....a couple days later, they bought Nokia.

These news just made my day.

slimeybrainboy2262d ago

You are right it's all based on rumors, there is no fact. I'm not sure how much weight MS word holds these days after all the 180's.

Call me a sucker but I still believe the xbox devs that are denying production issues. Major Nelsbag I don't believe a word, he's just a sleazy PR face.

I don't think there are production issues, but I still feel that something isnt right. Reducing the launch countries, the size of the box, just seems strange in comparison to Sony. 32 vs 13 and like half the size?

Maybe Sony have a better manufacturing process or started earlier and nothing is wrong with MS production it's just not as good as Sony's.
Maybe it's all strategy for MS to dominate the major markets.

Who knows, but I think we can rule out production issues.

falviousuk2262d ago

Or Ms are putting all thier consoles into the bigger territories and having more consoles available for the customers there, rather than spread out to more countries and have less available in each territory.

How many consoles are both companies going to have available at launch. Do MS have less available, can anyone provide FACT based evidence to support this or are we just running off rumours once more.

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Foxgod2262d ago

You are just a hater trying to produce more rumors.
If there where yield problems with the ESram, then why does the ESram perform better then MS expected?

Clarence2262d ago

Why would they tell you they have issues with the Xbox 1. They don't want to scare off potential customers.

Xsilver2262d ago

i knew they had issues when u hardly saw multiplatform ports for the xone.

JokesOnYou2262d ago

OK I heard sony is having overheating issues with ps4....but why would sony tell us if their having issues?

-See the absence of information refuting a rumor doesn't make it true.

-Also if sony whos either mistakenly or outright lied about things in the past same as micro did emphatically say NO its not true then WITHOUT actual evidence to the contrary all I can do is assume its true, especially on the subject since micro said from the start they would announce a Nov release, since then they have actually made performance IMPROVEMENTS and guess what, yep stuck to their release date in all major markets with a Nov 22 release date.

THamm2262d ago

just in 11/22 release

SuperLupe2262d ago

Guys dont even bother.

Remember you're arguing with people who were screaming at the top of their lungs that the XBone hadnt passed FCC yet ...

I mean just goes to shwow how much these kind of people know i.e ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

andrewsqual2262d ago

That was all further intensified by their silence. Did somebody talk about it on Twitter and get fired too or was that the other "false rumours" in March I am talking about that they sat back and said nothing about too.

n4rc2262d ago

Wanna stop trolling and acting like you actually have a clue what you are talking about?

You chose to believe fanboy conspiracy theories over fact, logic and official statements.. Brilliant!

And ignored.

BallsEye2262d ago

X360 launched in even less markets. Markets that were not launch markets were still supplied with consoles by other means. It will be same with XO. It's all about localisation of Kinect and other legal issues. XBOX is not just a gaming console, thus the problems.

3-4-52262d ago

Sony must have figured out how to make one of Nintendo's Money Printing machines.

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Belking2262d ago

We all know xbox-one is doing great. Just jealous fanboys starting rumors. xbox-one is gonna be awesome this november.

Majin-vegeta2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

So when they all start getting RROD 2 will you still say this??

@Fox Hey i'm just going by the yield issues i read about.Why drop from 23 countries to 13 all of a sudden??That usually means something.

@Belking Lol that's the only excuse you xbox fans can come up with xD.

@Game Not gonna even bother replying to your dumb post cuz i would get banned for my answer.

Foxgod2262d ago

Are you trying to create more false rumors?

Belking2262d ago

yep..just like when psn got hacked...

2262d ago
badkolo2262d ago

nope, if they get rrod2 then ms is done for, and we will jump ship. but i doubt its the case

BallsEye2262d ago

For now it's ps4 having overheating issues reports from e3 (black flag stopped due to freezing,Bungie confirmed playing another version backstage in case of reeze, Defiance freezing, Black Light freezing). I really hope this wasn't related to overheating but you just might eat your words soon so shut up about RROD 2.


robotgargoyle2262d ago

Rrod 2?

That is unconfirmed. I don't believe you have the inside track on the xbox one hardware architecture. I don't either, but grasping at straws just to make the xb1 look bad is pretty petty.

We all know the xbox360 had serious hardware failures and many(including me to the price of 2, and my brother is on console 3) were burned . Enter the slim 360, problem solved. I'm sure they figured out overheating.

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gaelic_laoch2262d ago

Its more relief then jealousy that many have not a pre order for an xbone but instead have a PS4 pre order!

PHEWWWWW Just double checked myself, all systems are GO!!!!

Clarence2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

My question to you is if the Xbox 1 starts having problems like the 360 did, what will you say then?

No fanboy $hit. Just a honest question.

I mean Larry Nelson lied about BF4 being played on xbox1s.

Yusef Mehdi lied about kinect voice commands or at least he was not up front about it.

We all know about that little thing called RROD, that M$ seemed to have forgot to tell people about.

As far as the yield issues goes I believe they had them. They just finally figured them out. Hopefully for their sakes. The rumors are only debunked by M$ employees.

Just like the AMD statement about the PS4 being better had to be retracted. It's messing up their money if the company is being honest.

What car dealer is going to tell that the car you just purchase is a lemon

IcicleTrepan2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

What will you do if PS4 gets an excessive amount of YLOD? It works both ways.

Update: still waiting for answer.

Also you are mixing 360 bashing with xbox one bashing now. please try to stay on topic.

Clarence2262d ago

Your right but Sony is not rush the PS4. M$ on the hand has a track record.

XboxFun2254d ago


What about the issues with the PS2 where Sony was actually taken to court about?

Funny how everyone is quick to bring up RRoD but all is forgiven and forgotten for Sony and the PS3.

Sony also has a track record, longer than MS's.

Foxgod2262d ago

One of the many false rumors that spawned from the xbox hate compaign.

gaelic_laoch2262d ago

Then explain why so many "Rumors" ended up being true!

No_Limit2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

Cboat yield issue = debunked

MS didn't pass FCC, oh no! = Turns out FCC was passed before the PS4.

MS selling Xbox brand and concentrate on software = MS debunked that news with the best way they can, bought out Nokia.

What other rumors are left?? LOL

Oh, maybe the 2nd GPU rumor, and for Sony's fans sake, they better hope that is not true or meltdowns and tears will be felt everywhere.

Xsilver2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago ) thats a little xbox history lesson for a xbot. with all the bullshit they did and tell me why u would u run to that company. yeah i know why i'm Sticking with Sony.

Foxgod2262d ago

Such as, because most rumors where fudge.

MS didnt pass fcc
Ms esram got yield issues
ms cpu got yield issues
xbox delayed due manufacturing problems
MS to hold reintroduction event
Xbox one doesnt have a power button

just to name a few..

sprinterboy2262d ago

They are probably not having production problems but with MS you just don't know what to believe anymore with all there turn around, not hating on MS but they have to turn around the trust issue consumers are having at the moment.

IcicleTrepan2262d ago

Let me get this straight. MS had a vision with the online DRM. People didn't like it and complained. MS changed it. What is there not to believe? That they didn't give a middle finger to all the people that complained?

DOGGYDOGG2262d ago

Do you think MS just for no reason decided to not sell their system to that few of areas just for fun? I am not a FANBOY- I own all systems. Come on explain why they would do that. A real reason. The only reason is because of manufacturing issues. No company on Earth would make their product available to so few for no reason. Anything other than that is pure spin. Sorry but its the only thing that could possibly make sense. Am I wrong?

IcicleTrepan2262d ago

They did explain it. You're just paranoid.

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