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El33tonline writes:

"One of the gamescom preview sessions I was looking forward to the most was the DriveClub presentation since its description mentioned PS Vita Remote Play. However, due to a technical hiccup the session was cut short so there was very little discussed during the presentation which hadn’t been publicised before."

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jaelegend1926d ago

more stuff we already know...........

Bigpappy1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

Sony seems to be the ones having technical issues but they are mostly being under reported. If I misunderstood what was written, blame the writer. But it is not the first time I read about a Sony demo being shut down for technical issues.

Their game seem to be hardly even shown. Unless the media is ignoring them. Just seems strange to see PS4 getting all of this praise, but the games are not getting any praise what so ever in the media.

AnteCash1926d ago

Cmon man dont try so hard, be more subtle.

Shellcase1925d ago

Its because they have a weak lineup.

Dee_911926d ago

what the hell does a glitch with a game has to do with the console let alone the entire company?