Xbox One Specs Upgraded | Is Illumiroom Projector Doomed?

A commentary discussing the latest Xbox One news surrounding a recent CPU boost and Microsoft's Illumiroom project. Is the Illumiroom really doomed for good?

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Belking2264d ago

Another video telling us what we already know. And that is a performance upgrade not a spec upgrade.

yarbie10002264d ago

where do you think performance upgrades come from? Master Chief?

Belking2264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

It's still not a spec up upgrade..einstein. The specs have been the same. It still has the same CPU, GPU, and RAM. The performance of those components have been upgraded. You guys don't know jack.

@gameonbro below

1.75 is the performance of the cpu. you try harder and next time use the part of your brain that actually works.

Deadpoolio2264d ago

Software...They have all come from software NOT hardware upgrades

UltimateMaster2264d ago

Illumiroom Projector is a cool idea.

It would need to be perfected first before we go and buy it.

Sure hope it comes, but so far, it's not coming with the kinect 2.0 as far as we know.

I really want that Illumiroom Projector to see the day of light and try it for myself.

mouzone2264d ago


any performance upgrade is a spec upgrade. Specs(meaning specifications and not Components)is every specification of a said item in this case the xbox one so if they painted it blue that would be a change to the specs of the system please stop acting like a tech wiz if you are ignorant of the subject you are speaking about

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testerg352264d ago

Belkin, specs have been upgraded. Specifications does not just mean hardware.

YNWA962264d ago

As long as the games engross me, do not care, specs mean a lot, but ultimately its how developers utilize it... Illumiroom would be good in some games I guess... Bring back Elite for this, would look amazing... and that original tune....

JuniorCE2264d ago

Sony PS4 dev kit FCC filing shows off extra ports, 2.75GHz max clock frequency....

MasterCornholio2264d ago

That just means that if Sony wanted to they can increase the clock (according to rumors) from 1.6 GHz to somewhere close to 2.75 GHz. But i honestly don't believe they will do that. If anything Sony will just increase the clock to 1.75 GHz to match the XBOX One and the same could be said about the GPU but that's only if the console can handle the temperature increase.

cell9892264d ago

whats the PS4's cpu clocked at?

Holeran2264d ago

No one knows for sure yet.

robotgargoyle2264d ago

Illumaroom is a neat concept, but buying a projector isn't in most people's (including mine) budget.

Kinda wonder how it looks in person, how it looks draping images over objects in your environment. From videos, objects (chairs, tables, etc.) would break the illusion for me, but accumulating snow on floor was a cool effect.