Xbox 360 to be supported for three more years - Microsoft

Microsoft will continue to support Xbox 360 for "another three years", the platform holder has said, revealing that "over 100 new games" are still in development for the console.

Speaking at the Citi Global Technology Conference yesterday, CVP of marketing & strategy for Microsoft's IEB Yusuf Mehdi said that, "If you look at 360, that platform lasted for 7-8 years and it's going to last for another 3 years.

"It's incredibly profitable now in the tail."

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theWB272269d ago

11 years isn't bad at all. My 360 has lasted 7 years so far and only runs into a few hiccups here and there. GTA5 should be its last hoorah.

trywizardo2269d ago

its been an incredible run for the 360 but i guess after a year from now my arcade will be sold lol
its so huge and it make a loud voice
my fav console ^_^

theWB272269d ago

I'm holding on to my PS360...I don't usually keep consoles but I'll be keeping both of these until who knows....

Zichu2269d ago


I'm doing the same. I still have a lot of games on both consoles to experience.

malokevi2269d ago

I got a black slim 360 a year or 2 back, so I'll be hanging on to mine as long as it can hold itself together. Great times on that console.

shivvy242268d ago

Ever since ms has been pushing kinect , the aaa 360 exclusives have gone down !

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Andronix2269d ago

Supported means first party exclusives. This year we're getting Fable Anniversary. I hope Microsoft release some 360 games next year, maybe Halo 2 Anniversary? but they haven't announced anything yet. :(

pompombrum2269d ago

Yeah, I honestly doubt they will be properly supporting it. Halo 2 Anniversary would be awesome though.

PlayStation_42269d ago

System updates probably, that's what M$ means by support

DragonKnight2269d ago

"Supported means first party exclusives."

No it doesn't. And the games you listed are merely HD remasters. You consider that actual support?

Andronix2269d ago

@DragonKnight. I have no doubt that come Christmas 2014/2015/2016 there will be new third party software such as FIFA Football, Call of Duty, Assassin's Creed etc for the 360. However as Microsoft said THEY would be supporting the 360 the meaning I get from that is that they would be making more games. Whether they end up doing this I don't know.

This year the big AAA exclusives on 360 are Gears of War Judgement, a third party game, and Fable Anniversary which like you said is a HD upgrade. Come November Microsoft will be focusing on the Xbox One so I'm not expecting there to be any exclusives in 2014 besides TitanFall 360 and Fantasia which are both third party.

HaMM4R2268d ago

As long as halo 2 anniversary has true halo 2 MP I'll be happy (if it does happen.) I don't just want halo 5 with halo 2 maps.

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Magicite2269d ago

how many years it has got exclusives?

Eyeco2269d ago

I think it's great that Sony and now Microsoft can still support their systems well into the next generation, it annoys me that since SNES Nintendo has pretty much abandoned this practice, I mean whats there excuse now the Wii sold the most consoles and made the most profit, yet that system has been dead for 2 years.

2269d ago
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BippityBoppityB002269d ago

It's just a shame they didn't support it for the last three years.

Buh Boom Tsh!

Thank you ladies and gentlemen I'll be here all week.


dude...smh....bubble vote for you man.

Bhuahahaha2269d ago

yeah rarely used mine for almost a year now

cyberninja2269d ago

Bubble up this gentleman, now!!! Well said.


exactly how I feel.

100 more titles still being developed.... 96 indie and arcade games + another halo, gears, forza and fable.

There you have it.

Genesis12952269d ago

probably want to minus about 50 of those games which will most likely be third party games.

BLAKHOODe2269d ago

IDK about that. At least 80 of those 100 are generic Kinect games.

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Kayant2269d ago

It definitely means X360 is unlikely to get many true exclusive after Fable Anniversary. The rest will be cross gen with XB1 like Project Spark or Pay-Free-To-Play games.

Cueil2269d ago

Project Spark will give another 300-400 games... possibly 100 plus actual good games

GarrusVakarian2269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

I haven't noticed much support for the 360 lately, especially since the announcement of the Xbox One. Ps3 on the other hand is still going strong, The Last Of Us earlier this year and Beyond Two Souls soon!

xxLuckyStrike2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

Smh Sony fanboys

That's fine you'll play those high praised exclusives a couple times an archive them with the rest collecting dust as 99% (killzone uncharted) have zero replay appeal. Then its back to Netflix an 3rd party titles

GarrusVakarian2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

Sony fanboy? Lol, if you must know ive gamed much more on my 360 than i have PS3 this gen. Having basic observation of support for one of my consoles isn't being a fanboy.

Zero replay appeal huh? Then why am i starting my 2nd playthrough of The Last Of us? You should give it a try sometime instead of falsely accusing people and making yourself look very silly. But i guess the idea of owning and enjoying 2 consoles is inconceivable to you isn't it?

And tell me, if its back to netflix and 3rd party titles after playing exclusives on PS3, what exactly do you do on your 360 seeing as it has hardly any exclusives? Oh that's right, netflix and apps. Lol.

XboxFun2262d ago

Titanfall is coming to 360 too by the way.

from the beach2269d ago

Very good. Moving on to Xbox One but it'll be nice to play some new 360 stuff too.