Retro Memories: The Strike Series

HUGG Writes: War! Huh! Good God Ya’ll! What is it good for?… Entertaining Video Games!, War has always been a staple of video gaming from todays Call Of Duty and Battlefield to classic war games such as Cannon Fodder and Command and Conquer. Back in the early 1990′s, Electronic Arts released the first game in its Strike Series, Desert Strike.

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3-4-52259d ago

Love this game. Still have the Sega Genesis box actually sitting in front of me on desk oddly enough. lol

Lost the game though back in the 90's, which was a bummer and never bothered to re-buy it because I was young, didn't have a job, and by the time I lost it, I had just gotten an N64 so I was more concerned with Mario 64 & Wave Race at the time.

I played Jungle strike a few times to and it was also good, but I've never played Urban or Soviet Strike.

This was the best one IMO.