Killzone: Mercenary Review [TheSixthAxis]

TheSixthAxis reviews what it calls the Vita's first proper FPS and probably its closest thing to a killer app:

"There’s something extraordinarily special about Killzone: Mercenary. It’s that feeling you had when you first played GoldenEye 007; the same sense of awe you had playing through Call of Duty 4; it’s the opening voiceover of Killzone 2; it’s all of your favourite things about first person shooters in one neat, handheld package."

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boybato2268d ago

How is it a negative that the game is "only available for the Vita?" (lol) although great review nonetheless.

abzdine2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

Killzone is the best FPS series ever!
We definitely have Vita's killer app and that's 2 months before the next one releases: Puppeteer

Aggesan2268d ago

Sorry to break it for you, but puppeteer is only for ps3. Vita is getting Tearaway though!

abzdine2268d ago

sorry, i meant Tearaway :D

Bundi2268d ago

Killer app? Lol somebody let the first perfect score go to his head. Should have waited a bit there before sounding the killer app trumpets!

Also, best fps series? No, so no!

chestnut11222268d ago

Now that is What We are talking about. This Game Deserves Not Lower than 9. It is Awesome

G20WLY2268d ago

It's REALLY addictive too! Me and 2 of my mates have played it every night at 10pm for an hour or so this past week (and we've each been practicing on the quiet during the day too!).

Great to see the full game has lived up to the promise of the beta! :)

GdaTyler2267d ago

I agree. When I saw NowGamer's review I wanted to punch somebody. That review was downright horrendous. This game is an easy 9.5-10. I love the multiplayer and can tell the single player will be great.

darkesthour42267d ago

I just read nowgamers review and while I havent played Killzone Mercenary yet, I feel I can still say that review was BS. Not because it wasnt a 9+ review, but with the way the guy was trashing the vita in the process.

mafiahajeri2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

Finally someone who appreciates what this game is to the handheld market a revolutionary title that flips what were used to head over heels...

Nicaragua2268d ago

already got my copy pre-ordered off PSN.

Cant wait to start pwning some noobs in warzone :)

Kingthrash3602268d ago

howd you do that? howd you pre order it? I looked for it on psn...didnt find it

H4all2268d ago

asia PSN have it now..

Nicaragua2268d ago

Im in the UK so i guess it must depend on where you are.

I just went to the PSN store and did a search for killzone. It brings back two pre-order options, 1 with a bonus weapon and one with a 48 hour XP multiplier.

Otoshigamisama2268d ago

Lol I want to pawn noobs too I practiced hard earn high rank on beta just for the real deal.

g-nome2268d ago

Showing what the Vita really is capable of.

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The story is too old to be commented.