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gamrReview's Gordon Bryant: "After playing Killzone: Mercenary, I can honestly say I'm maybe even more excited for a prospective Killzone: Mercenary 2 than I am for the forthcoming PS4 launch title Killzone: Shadow Fall. If you have a Vita, get Killzone: Mercenary. If you don't have a Vita, this is the kind of title that really should make you reconsider."

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H4all2266d ago


the first screenshot,
remains me to PS4 Killzone Shadowfall..

Runa2162266d ago

yeah, the whole game felt weirdly organic despite the fact that it was all set in cities and on an airship.

showtimefolks2266d ago

the killer game for Vita has arrived

r212266d ago

Agreed, the brutal melee in this game is just so well done. Very satisfying :D