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Mobile FPS Gameplay Perfected

Guerrilla Cambridge, the studio responsible for creating new Killzone games for the PS Vita, has possibly created the best mobile first person shooter (FPS) video game of all-time in Killzone: Mercenary.

Killzone: Mercenary is the first full fledged mobile Killzone game to sport the same controls and nearly the same level of crisp visuals as the three console-based titles. Previous mobile entries have sacrificed the traditional FPS control scheme to utilize a more portable friendly setup, so the gameplay experience of those particular Killzone games lacked the machismo of their console brethren. This is definitely not the case with Killzone: Mercenary, which does more for the FPS genre on a mobile platform than any other titles that have come before it.

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H4all2261d ago

awesome screenshot..

yeah.. i read it.. i know..
it's has console quality...
thanks for the review..
can't wait preorder to be arrive..

chestnut11222261d ago

Definitely The Best Vita Game.

TimeSkipLuffy2261d ago

I would say best 1st person shooter on VITA :3

Sanquine902261d ago

This guy is the first one to expect this is a mobile/portable game. Anything lower than a 9 is a disgrace

mafiahajeri2261d ago

Some reviewers are reviewing it as if its a console game which is stupid. I guess you can't blame them, it looks and plays like a current gen game...

Shikoro2261d ago

Check out Videogamer's review. Completely laughable and one reason why Sony should start blacklisting sites who put out questionable reviews.

G20WLY2261d ago

Most of us have played the beta and the game speaks for itself - it's amazing to get this game on the go!

But, yes Videogamer is a joke of a site, up there with Polygon for the most anti-Sony site. As journalists, I'm disgusted that they betray their readers with their words. How is anyone supposed to know what is their true opinion and what is simply their agenda?! smdh

Mrgolden792260d ago

Another reason why you should NOT check out their review. They're just fishing for hits.

tacotruck2261d ago

Great review, can't believe how gorgeous this game is graphically.