Killzone: Mercenary Review | Hardcore Gamer

Hardcore Gamer: The Killzone franchise contains an intriguing fiction that’s extended thanks to the PlayStation Vita. It’s not a game without its faults as friendly artificial intelligence can obstruct progress and I ran into a number of glitches throughout the campaign, but with an addictive multiplayer and some of the most creative ways in using the handheld's technology, you’ll have a tough time finding another experience like this.

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H4all2260d ago

well.. it's worth waiting...
awesome FPS has come..
can't wait to play it...

Sanquine902260d ago

Control scheme issues.. Give it 4 out of 5 . Sorry im a big defender of this game because i already have it 2 days ;) Played the singleplayer and multiplayer. its 4.5/5 ;)