It’s dangerous to go alone – Killzone: Mercenary review [Gaming Trend]

Editor Matt Buckley writes: "It’s an awesome concept: Take the standard dichotomy of the Killzone universe – ISA vs Helghast – and turn it on its head, inserting unbiased mercenaries catering only to the highest bidder. Memories of Wing Commander: Privateer danced in my head as I fantasized of comparing contracts, accepting jobs and turning down others. Unfortunately, while the pure combat in Killzone: Mercenary is well-executed, the freedom of choice never comes to fruition, and it smacks of lost opportunity. Thankfully, its absence has no impact on the entertaining multiplayer modes which are worth returning to again and again."

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Sanquine902267d ago

It is a portable jeez. Replayabilty is also forgotten. No words about that

buckley2267d ago

"... the entertaining multiplayer modes which are worth returning to again and again."

That's even in the paragraph right here.

Sanquine902267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

You got me there. I just stronly disagree. If you compare this game with the other games on vita it deserves just more than a 7.7 heck even more than een 8

Kingthrash3602267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

buckley you reviewd this?....gosh what is a 10 game for you? this games beta was graphically and gamplay ability trumps ALL HANDHELD FPS ...graphically killing any handheld game to date....smh man o man whats wrong with bloated so called reviewers? please tell me you never give 10s and if you have thwn pkeasw list them....I wanna see whats perfect to you.

buckley2267d ago

Certainly nothing wrong with disagreeing. But just because the Vita doesn't have many great games doesn't suddenly make this better than it is.

Transporter472267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

Console like experience done beautifully deserves a 7.7. BTW why did you give Graphics such a low score. Please tell me what game on a Handheld has better graphics? You should review a game as what's available on the market and not your imaginary graphics bar.

"Vita doesn't have great games" You sir fail. I can name you so many great games.

No good chance to view standings. Its call press select when you die -.-

Nitpicking at its finest.

Question what is the difference on Controls/Gameplay?

buckley2267d ago

@Transporter47 The graphics look great, but are also decidedly one-note. It does one thing very well, but only one thing. That doesn't sit with the best in the industry, and 85 is a very positive score regardless.

Vita does have great games, but not as many as other platforms. Still, the point is that a game is a game regardless of what platform it's on. It's reviewed based on individual experience with that game whatever it's being played on.

Pressing select when you die doesn't work unless you do it a heartbeat afterwards. It's not nitpicking when it's a very basic feature that competitive FPS games have had for over a decade.

Controls are just that - how the controls work in-game. FPS's still aren't perfect on mobile, but this does a better job than the others. Gameplay is much more all-encompassing, which is hurt by faulty stealth mechanics (explained in the review) and a generally lackluster single-player experience.

It's a good game that could've been great. Regardless, it's totally ok for you to disagree with every last bit of it. Even strongly. Honest. That's ok.

boybato2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

"The graphics look great, but are also decidedly one-note. It does one thing very well, but only one thing. That doesn't sit with the best in the industry, and 85 is a very positive score regardless. "

> Could you site an example of a game that looks better than this and would merit a 90 in your book?

Stsonic2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

Double post

Transporter472267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

"That doesn't sit with the best in the industry"
I have another question are you reviewing this game as a Home Console PS360/WiiU or a handheld?
Please show me this best in the industry on handheld.

"A game is a game regardless on what platform is on"
True but you should review it as a Handheld game. Such as when you review a mobile game you review as that. If its a PS360 you review it as a home console game. Such as a PC you can review it as a PC, here is what I mean. On PC games tend to have settings to adjust settings but sometimes they don't have all the ones they should so you take that into account and give it a lower score as its not as user friendly as it should be. Etc.

You know I recall pressing select before spawn or at spawn point without a problem but that's just me I never found it a problem.

About the stealth parts of the game which just offers variety as not just gun in shoot which can be a good thing for some bad for some, for you it wasn't good.

I do disagree with you, but I hope you take some of what i tell you into consideration. I want to review games but the problem is I don't have too much time to do it, and i don't want to do a crappy review with just first few levels review and an hour of multiplayer.

Irishguy952267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

Some people believe that because it is handheld, it's quality should not be judge by the rest of the industry. I suppose since WiiU is cheaper and weaker we should judge it's games less harshly too right?

Welcome to N4G Buckley

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come_bom2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

"It is a portable jeez"

You're not going to compare Killzone: Mercenary with a 2-3€ game at the Apple/Android store! Doesn't matter if it's a portable game or not, reviewers should review the game based on it's asking price. If it's 10€ then it should be reviewed as a 10€ game, if it's 50€ then it should be reviewed as full fledged PSVita/PC/PS3/X360 game with a 50-60€ asking price.

As for Killzone: Mercenary, for what I've seen so far, looks like a pretty decent game.

Kingthrash3602267d ago

I say a reviewer ahould review a game based on it device level...not price because prices vary.....consoles with consoles pc with pc handheld with handheld and mobile with mobile.

dumb lazy reviewers unfairly review the vita....its kike the 3ds get compared to nothing and the vita gets compared to consoles and mobiles and how much it sold compared to 3ds....its holding this system down and great games like this should be praised....this is a ground breaking game on a HANDHELD. smh man so disappointed right now.

boybato2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

Graphics: 85???

Truly the game deserves better than this. I mean, what else could Guerrilla Cambridge add to the graphics?

b-dash2267d ago

I don't enjoy a speedrun of the campaign.
This reviewer is foolish.

Stsonic2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

Do some research the game has the most extensive multiplayer stats ever on a hand held including individual game map analysis!

Kingthrash3602267d ago

wow certified fanboy reviewer. really nit picked a handheld game...compared it to consoles like its running blurays or leaving this article and labeling the reviewer a trash review with bias...85 in graphics...gtfo.

boybato2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )


never expected this game to have a perfect review although give credit to where its due. yeah?

Kingthrash3602267d ago

yeah...sadness. 85 still baffled...playing the beta I was in awe at how it looked...I thought this is why I got a capable of being created at this make the moment even more awsome is I was on the toilet...smh this guy just wants hits....I scored the beta a 9.0....thats just 1 stage....I was satisfied with that....played all month...this dic throws a im annoyed a 2am...smh

Bundi2267d ago

Why are you getting so emotional? It's just an opinion of a game! No need for name calling just because one person doesn't enjoy something that you do.

buckley2267d ago

It's the name of the game, Bundi. It's not enough for someone to love a game. Critics must then love a game for them. And by the way, graphics are everything.

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