New Phantasy Star Online 2 Screenshots Showcase Update, New Field, Enemies and Bunny Costumes

Today Sega is releasing a new major update for Phantasy Star Online 2, and they sent in a batch of screenshots and information to give a glimpse on what it contains.

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General Shrooms2261d ago

>surely Sega will announce a North American release!

XtraTrstrL2261d ago

PSO for Dreamcast was a fun online game I played with a friend alot. It definitely had it's negatives, like the fact it was such a small world, only like 5 main bosses with 3 little stages leading up to them. Then they actually charged a subscription price for the little expansions and sequels they made, which I never played and would have never paid for.

This game just looks kinda trashy graphically though, for a game coming out in 2013/2014. And if it isn't a full open world this time, I don't see it doing too well.

LoneWolf0192261d ago

It looks great, and since when does a games graphics determine how a game plays? Also its free to play so I see this doing very well regardless of it not being open world.

XtraTrstrL2261d ago

Who said the graphics determine how the game plays? I said the graphics were trashy for a game releasing after 2013. It being f2p should help it though, because I still can't understand how they had the nerve to make it a subscription based model in those iterations that came out after the original PSO on Dreamcast, because it was such a small game overall.

If it does well then good for them though, I have nothing against them, and Phantasy Star was a great RPG series back in the way older Sega days. I just wish it felt more like a full RPG, instead of this hub with a few different repetitive stages to go to. Hopefully they've fixed that up with this one and made it alot more expansive.

dcj05242261d ago

It still runs on DX9. For the VITA the graphics are decent for a handheld but on PC it could be much better.

LoneWolf0192261d ago

Can't wait to see all the comments of how this needs to come to NA already.

SirBradders2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

This needs to come to europe more like... :-p