Vitalog: Revitalization of a Handheld

The Playstation Vita isn't selling as well as Sony would like. The Vitalog suggests a solution.

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JoGam2261d ago

I'm enjoying my Vita even more now. I got Kickbeat, Splunker or whatever the game is called, and Killzone next week. That game alone makes me excited to be a Vita owner. I am in love again.

r212261d ago

Spelunky and yes, these games are making my vita my most played console to date.

Mikey322302261d ago

Killzone is incredible. Absolutely stunning to look at plus actually fantastic fun all on a handheld. Completely proves console quality games on a portable can be fun.

Klonoa-dreamtraveler2261d ago

just bought the walking dead limited edition vita bundle today. enjoying my ps vita.

r212261d ago

Hey man, just wanted to say, welcome to the vita club :D

Williamson2261d ago

I hope you enjoy it! Also think about getting PS plus so you can get gravity rush, uncharted, and wipeout among others.

Klonoa-dreamtraveler2261d ago

yes i have ps plus paid full year i downloaded klonoa door to phantomile and metal gear solid on it but the bundle came with a 4 gb memory card so i cant put much at the moment but im getting a 32gb memory card soon and yes im very much enjoying it thanks.

Williamson2261d ago

I've owned a vita for 11 months and its easily the best handheld I've owned. Its never away from me, it sleeps right beside. But I really can't understand why gamers don't want such a great device? And please don't play the " it has no games " card since that's BS IMO, buy a vita now and you got killzone, gravity rush, wipeout, uncharted, dragons crown, muramasa, p4g, soul sacrifice... And more.

SaffronCurse2261d ago

Don't knock it 'till you try it folks.

ilovefatgirls2261d ago

imo the problem with the vita is the same as the problem with the psp when it first came out, and that was it was ahead of its time outside of japan.
its around a year and half out now and theres still feck all to do with it and wont be for another little while until sony gets the finger out and really starts pushing it.
just my opinion though man just because ive got one doesnt mean its worth a damn

for me though i wont be picking one up till it gets its rebuild with an internal memory.

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The story is too old to be commented.