I'm Not "Casual", I'm Just Poor

GotGame: Yes yes, we know. The games from Games with Gold are a bit old at times, and yes yes, we know, PSN gets newer games. And while you get to keep your 360 games even if your Gold account lapses-something you don’t get to do with PSN-I actually think both services are pretty cool.

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romancer2265d ago

Never paid more than $39.95 per year for XBL Gold (for the past 8 years) -- just by shopping around online --
I do hope you do not, in fact, pay $15 per month for the service.

You sound like a sensible gamer. There should be a system whereby others who have some funds to spare, from time to time, could send a contribution to worthy gamers who are less fortunate.

orangechicken672265d ago

I don't even pay for live i get it for free.

AceBlazer132265d ago

Okay you realize that if money is a burden you really shouldn't be paying for something like gold in the first place right?

DestinyHeroDoomlord2265d ago

Haha I pay about 20 $ for live...

Funantic12265d ago

Live is cheap as f.... I was gonna say fries. I swear. But live is affordable plus they give you an extra month free with the yearly subscription. Once I got the a XBL gold card with 2 extra months. 14 months for $59.99 ain't bad at all.

TongkatAli2265d ago

I say spend your money before the inevitable collapse of the U.S dollar, take most of your money from the bank asap.

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