Can GTA V Disappoint?

WC - I feel the rage of every one of you, who have clicked this article, can you? Feel it, and then take a step back for a moment. Take another step back and calm down, the froth foaming around your mouth makes you look like you’re incapable of brushing your own teeth in a mature manner. Wipe that foam from your mouth or it will crust over and look like a dry riverbed has formed at the side of your cracked lips, which may or may not be yelping all forms of expletives at the thought of someone having the audacity to write an article on such an inconceivable concept.

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vishmarx2265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )

no .
basic science

ArchangelMike2265d ago

It depends on how high you set your expectation.

"I hope GTA V will have sex with me and bear my love child..."

Then you'll probably be disappointed.

Thatguy-3102265d ago

Gta IV did and that's the highest rated game this Gen.

GarrusVakarian2265d ago

It came out in 2007, think about how optimistic that game is for when it was released. A game of that scope and detail shortly after the release of the 360, it was unparalleled. It not the best GTA by a long shot but its still a good game, especially for how old it is and compared to what was released around the same time as it. hence the massive amounts of high review scores when it was released.

GarrusVakarian2265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )

I think the only thing can make GTA5 disappoint SOME people is the outdated current gen consoles. The game itself will be perfect , but im biased :p

I think Next gen consoles and PC would do GTA5 justice (visually).

ooquis2265d ago

At least current gen is going to do Rockstar's wallet justice. It's a good thing so they can have shait loads of money going over to next-gen to pull this of again.

OrangePowerz2265d ago

It could if it follows GTA IV instead of the tone and feel of the previous GTA games, but from what they have shown it appears to be back to it's roots.

bub162265d ago

it has bmxs! it can't suck