Zelda: Wind Waker HD introduction and comparison videos

Nintendo of Japan has released two new The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD videos. The first is a general introduction to the game. The second compares the original GameCube version to the remake’s new high-definition visuals.

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3-4-52260d ago

One of the best looking games ever made.

swice2261d ago

Damn. That looks really good

Sarobi2261d ago

I got to try this at E3. The graphics really are dazzling.

Realplaya2261d ago

Wow this game is 100 times better in HD.

mcstorm2260d ago

I never played it 1st time round but I have this as well as Sonic, Mario and DK on pre order. Add pikmin 3 and Wonderful101 to my collection and it is a great end to the year for Nintendo. Been a slow start to the WiiU but don't regret buying the console on day one as my collection is getting better and better now keep it up big N and look forward to Playing the Windwaker HD.