Red Faction: Guerrilla Destructability Impressions from GameSpot

Mention the words "Red Faction", and chances are people will think of rocket launchers and highly destructible environments. Released on the PlayStation 2, the original Red Faction was notable for the explosive way it let you progress through its levels. After the inevitable sequel in 2002, the developers decided to reinvent the series for next-generation consoles and PC.

Work began on this new project in 2004 and is still going on now -- four years later. There was only one problem: in the time it took to develop the new engine for the game, Volition decided to become an exclusively open-world-game company on the back of the success of Saints Row. For Red Faction 3, this meant changing from a first-person shooter to a third-person action game. According to Volition vice president Dan Cermak, the move was perfectly suited to Red Faction, because it let you better appreciate the destruction going on around you. The game now has an official title of Red Faction: Guerrilla, and GameSpot saw it in action for the first time at a recent UK press event.

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gameraxis3892d ago

and the graphics looked pretty good to me, i wonder why there saying that the graphics won't be up to the current good looking games. It would be nice if stellar graphics were part of the package but i guess its not "needed" per say. I am sort of a graphics whore, but as long is its looks solid and no jaggies that stick out like a sore thumb i don't see a problem...