Editorial: A New Vita Price Means Less Money For Me

SonyRumors - Sarah Ingram shares her thoughts on the Vita price drop and what has her wanting one! Sarah's editorial touches on several key reasons why the Vita is such a tempting handheld.

"My obsession with collecting trophies cannot currently be satisfied while I’m out and about and need to kill some time. In order to up that trophy level more and more, I need to have the Vita. Plain and simple."

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bebitech2267d ago

Anybody who hasn't looked at the Vita lately needs to really reconsider, especially with a lot of new indie games that are set to hit in the next few months and not indie titles like Killzone: Mercenaries and Tearaway.

Weetrice2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

Just want to let people know my experience of the Vita as a PC gamer who never really gotten into consoles

I waited over a year to get the Vita when it was first announced, I've own the Vita for about less than 6 months. I've already bought 2 Vita and have over 30+ Vita games including a list of PSP games because I never own before. The Vita got me out of my comfort zone as I usually enjoy MMORPG/MOBA & FPS on PC. I think I have spent over 1k on the Vita (probably due to high cost in Australia) haven't regret it.

bebitech2266d ago

I believe your experience is a testament to what the Vita can do and how Sony needs to get aggressive about the console because it truly is a fantastic unit.