WWE 2K14: 4 Classic Wrestlemania Matches That Won’t Be Included

WC - The release of WWE 2K14, the first game to be published by 2k Sports following their acquisition of the WWE license from THQ, isn’t too far away now. Their input is welcomed given the excellence of other games in the 2K sports series, and will perhaps take the series in a new direction following several years of releases that have all been somewhat samey in terms of gameplay.

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bilzdabest2264d ago

The guys article is quite idiotic.
Owen hearts death contract finished a few months ago. We may see him as dlc.
As for chris beniot wwe killed him. Wwe were told to ban the swan headbut. But they never listened.Now look at daniel bryan. The move is only performed by high flying technicians. So if wwe are letting bryan do it ,they might as well make it look good. I mean it could be shooting star, Corrkscrew or moonsualt variation. Would make the move more understandable.