Titanfall on PC: 'We want it to be just as good'

Having spent a bit of time with Titanfall at Gamescom, I get the feeling Repawn Entertainment's new multiplayer shooter could potentially drag a bit of the Call of Duty crown EA's way.

That's because the game is satisfyingly opportunistic, blisteringly fast-paced, and stunningly smooth. It looks like a console shooter, and, for the most part, it feels like a console shooter.

In contrast to the PC demo of Battlefield 4, where everyone in the preview ignored the provided game controllers and instead opted for the keyboard and mouse, the 10-or-so press in the Titanfall PC demo opted for the controller.

Yet, while this exciting new game screams "console" to the every day gamer, the team behind the game is working to ensure it feels equally at home on the PC platform.

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GentlemenRUs2260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

The PC version can be exactly the same as the XBONE version... But something seems fishy with "Respawn"...

Maybe its because of the XBONE exclusive?
Maybe its because of Lazy devs?
Maybe its because the PC version could be better then the XBONE version?

Like I said though, Theres' a lot of things out there which could dampen the PC port... Who knows!

Not Trolling or anything, But there must be a reason to why the PC version is inferior to the XBONE version.

kenmid2260d ago

I always like to ask this question, Explain to me what a lazy developer is?

GentlemenRUs2260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

Lazy dev:

Not learning how to do the code and optimize it for the PC, XBOX or PS
Not being bothered to help another studio which is porting it
Not wanting to research what needs to be changed in the code to make it compatible with other systems

There's a huge list but I only take this from experience.

kenmid2260d ago

Don't these games start being developed on the PC? And not trolling but i'm pretty these guys no code.

Gozer2260d ago

Lazy devs didnt come around until PS3 owners started wondering why they spent 600 bucks on a console that couldnt produce the garaphics of a 400 dollar cfonsole. Then lazy devs was the ultimate excuse.

HammadTheBeast2260d ago


Actually, that came when first party studios produced games with the best graphics of the Gen on PS3, while third parties barely made the game run at a solid frame rate.

On topic, wowowowowo. Hold up.

What does "as good" mean? Does that mean they're sacrificing parts of the PC version on purpose just so MS can put a "Best on XBO" sticker on the case?

O WELL. It'll be interesting.

BattleAxe2260d ago

I just hope that Respawn managed to ensure that their game would be available on other platforms in addition to Origin when they inked the deal with EA.

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thebudgetgamer2260d ago

Could be that there is no one on the pc side offering giant checks.

Cueil2260d ago

it may have something to do with the game code having much of the AI and Physics done on the server side... something that isn't practical on the PC for regular users

assdan2260d ago

The PC version should and will be better. It's a simple math thing. My card, which is by no means that strongest card out there, is still about 2-3 times stronger than the xbox one gpu (I have a 7950 btw). I hope they can push those PC's to the limit pretty easily lol.

mep692260d ago

Thought this game was supposed to be on the source engine. In which case it should be superior on PC

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Majin-vegeta2260d ago

I wanna see what my fellow pc players can do with mods on this game.

2260d ago
MegaMohsi2260d ago

The PC version should be superior graphically because its not being held back by a set piece of hardware. Gameplay wise I don't expect there to be any differences.

JunioRS1012260d ago

If the PC version of any game is graphically inferior to any console than on paper logic shows it's lazy developing.

It means that they're just developing primarily for X1 and then are porting up to PC which every knows is bad news for PC players.

Cough cough, Rockstar games, cough cough.

clouds52260d ago

Ports can't be as bad as with xbox360/ps3... I xb1 is basically a PC. Same architecture, directx11 and everything. Should be a walk in the park to "port" games to pc now, well at least theoretically.

starchild2260d ago

It doesn't matter if they start on the consoles and port to the PC, the PC version will still be better.

Obviously the quality will be even better if they start with the PC, but I have never encountered a game that didn't run and look better on a decent PC over the consoles.

KonsoruMasuta2260d ago

Then you didn't play GTA IV when it launched for PC. It was a poorly optimized POS and ran better on consoles.

jairusmonillas2260d ago

Don't forget Microsoft paid these guys. They will be back paddling once the deal is off.

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