Killzone: Shadow Fall Video Shows 11 Minutes of Multiplayer, Loadout Customization, Hidden Map Area

A new video of Killzone: Shadow Fall showing 12 more minutes of multiplayer gameplay of the upcoming PS4 exclusive, including character customization with abilities and weapons, weapon attachments and the option to create custom loadouts, and a hidden area of "the park" map.

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Majin-vegeta2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

Die ISA scum die!!!

Im gonna make an only nades warzone c:.

palaeomerus2266d ago

No, the Helghast blew up Helghan while trying to blow up the Earth with a sneak attack, which is the only way they'd have half a prayer against Earth's fleet.

fpshooter22266d ago

The higgs will fall. FOR JOHN TAMPLAR!!!

xReDeMpTiOnx2266d ago

Maybe learn the story a bit :P

It's jan Templar

GABRIEL10302266d ago

The best moment at gaming history was when Radec killed at Templar, maybe we can kill Rico at Killzone Mercenary! O_O

fpshooter22266d ago


Yea i obviously know nothing about the story. I wonder how i know that the ISA call the helghast higgs, or that templar even existed?

I typed that comment from my cell phone and thats the way the phone felt the name should be..

Lol. Telling me to learn the KZ story. Check my history.

xReDeMpTiOnx2266d ago

Said maybe learn the story.

You got really defensive really quick.

I don't care about ur history as I'm a legend when it comes to killzone :P

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joe902266d ago

Looks like the same old FPS shooter.

strigoi8142266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

Nope...Killzone have OWL, COD have dogs, BF4 have planes, Halo has masterchief..

dale_denton2266d ago

and what does DAYZ look like?

cj1pate1012265d ago

I would have to agree at least kz2 had its own feel this crap makes me glad I moved to pc. So many original games to play not carbon coby cops of halo and cod.

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clrlite2267d ago

I would love to have PS4, Killzone Shadow Fall, etc. day one.

Hopefully I won't have to choose between all this greatness and some other "priorities".

jimbobwahey2267d ago

Well at the end of the day it's just a video game, there are many things in life that are far more important and placing priority on video games isn't the best idea!

Besides, it's not like you really lose anything by not having a console or game on day one, is it? You can still buy a PS4 and the game eventually, just get the important stuff out of the way first :)

Clover9042266d ago

Never listen to anyone named jimbob. You need to make sure that you pick up greatness day número uno!

clrlite2266d ago

I was only half joking and yes I will be somewhat practical with my purchases :]

Lol and as famed Nascar driver Ricky Bobby would say, "if you aint first, yer last"

LordDhampire2267d ago

lol, @haze icon this guy must be massive trolling, but real talk I didn't watch the video because my internet is garbage right now....but yeah not that excited for killzone, hopefully the multiplayer is better than killzone 3

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32266d ago

I liked Haze, it had a certain charm to it.

Clover9042266d ago

I wasn't excited about Killzone at first, but after playing the brilliant Killzone Mercenary multiplayer beta on the Vita, I can't wait for more Killzone. We're all excited about next gen because of the massive upgrade in graphics, and Killzone and Driveclub are surely going to be two of the best looking ps4 games at launch. Driveclub is free with ps plus, and I'll be picking up Killzone with the system. With free map dlc and unlimited user created multiplayer modes keeping the game fresh, if you're only going to pick up one fps on the ps4, you can't go wrong with Killzone.

clrlite2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

I've been on here mostly praising Playstation for years which is somewhat ironic considering my avatar, just a part of its' allure.

Besides, Haze has a certain timelessness about is. As WrAith above would agree, it has a certain "I don't know what" (or "i'm puzzled") about it.
In fact, developers may be looking to Haze(TM) in the years to come for guidance on how to properly make a video game.

cj1pate1012265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )

You haze nuts realize thats the sole reaosn free radical is gone. It wasnt until ubi and ea dropped free radical they decided to make it an exclusive which limited sales. You remember a lil game called time splitters. Those were always multi platform as well as there other games. Now we have the people at free radical working at crytech making shit games like homefront 2 (tba). lol dont believe me read this.

mayberry2267d ago

Killzone is Boss! Love it!

joebeta2267d ago

I am trying to hold back from showing any excitement for Killzone: Shadow Fall, but these videos are making it so tough to do. lol

play17boy2267d ago

I hope they add the Mantis drone from Killzone Mercenaries!

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