Xbox One Will Not Allow Preloads… At First

Back in June, when the available information about the Xbox One was changing on an almost daily basis, It was wondered whether the Xbox One would allow pre-loads similar to Steam’s longtime support of the system for most games.
In the latest Q&A session in IGN‘s “Ask Microsoft Anything” series, Chief Xbox One Platform Architect Marc Whitten finally clarified the situation.
One of the questions asked was, “Will digitally downloaded games be able to be pre-loaded before release, so that they’re simply unlocked and ready to go at 12:01 a.m. on the day of release?”

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2261d ago Replies(8)
4logpc2261d ago

Not really a problem since you can play games as they are downloading.

psych2261d ago

I was going to say the exact same thing.

zeal0us2261d ago

Well its not that big of a deal but such feature would benefit the user if implemented sooner rather than later.

BX812261d ago

Agreed. Not huge but still a good feature to have.

cfir2261d ago

I thought that playing while downloading was just a PS4 feature. Have Microsoft announced that for xb1?

BG115792261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

Same thing here. I don't recal MS announcing it...

2261d ago
CynicalKelly2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

It was confirmed in May during the reveal that the Xbox could play games while they download/install and also that it could download while in it's sleep mode.

People obviously didn't watch or pay attention to it.

eman3d2261d ago ShowReplies(5)
MysticStrummer2261d ago

@darkcaos2 - Sony fans get banned for the same reasons so stop your whining. It's ironic that you mentioned MariaHelFutura because she was banned and you're still here. Drop your drama down a few notches and relax.

OT - How many "Feature X won't be available at launch" issues can add up before sales are impacted? Both consoles have those issues, though it seems one of them has more.

Loki862261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

You couldn't be more wrong and the delusion is absolutely mind-boggling. Someone says something intelligent with links and facts and gets massively down voted. While people who add nothing to the discussion except blind hate get more and more bubbles just because they support the "popular" console. I would love to see intelligent well thought out, unbiased discussions, but sadly that will never happen on here anymore.

OT: It will come at some point and since you remotely start a download from work or out on your phone, that is perfectly fine for my tastes.

MysticStrummer2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

The person I mentioned was presenting links and facts, and was banned anyway without even being marked for trolling. I was forwarded at least part of a conversation between Maria and a mod, and the mod admitted she had said nothing that was factually incorrect. Some people just don't like facts.

jessupj2261d ago

"I would love to see intelligent well thought out, unbiased discussions, but sadly that will never happen on here anymore. "

I would love to see that too, but unfortunately MS fanboys seem intent on never letting that happen.

While all fanboys are bad, at least most of the sony fans on this site give actual facts and truths when discussing their opinion.

MS fanboys on the other hand either spew out complete lies, or disregard the legitimate criticisms and just complain about all the negative X1 news like you so elegantly have.

Take this story for example.

Do you at least acknoledge the facts and say 'Well I can admit that kinda sucks, but at least MS are working on it"?

No you don't. You immediately play the victim and complain about all the Sony fanboys in a legitimate negative X1 article.

So please get off your high horse, you're not doing yourself any favors.

Loki862261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

jessup it is the exact opposite and there are so many trolls that get rewarded for their behavior in the Sony camp that it is disgusting. Also, no I see the glass from both sides and support whichever console that is doing what I approve of. I have given Sony props for the PS4 architecture, Mark Cerny's speeches, Shadowfall, the PS4 price and several other things. I was actually getting a PS4 till gamescom when Sony severely let me down. The X1 appeals more to me and my wife, but I'm not gonna scream "OMG Sony sucks" from the rooftops because I am buying the other console.

Caleb_H2261d ago

Despite what Major Douchebag says, all the evidence is pointing to a rushed console. Last minute upclocks (which are a good thing, don't get me wrong), policy flip flops, and now all these "features" that either won't be available at launch, or are limited to certain markets due to "translating" (am I the only one that thinks it's bs that the worlds largest software company is delaying one of their largest products because they can't translate "xbox on"?), at this point, you'd have to be crazy to say that they're running things on their own schedule.

Loki862261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

Or the fact that Mattrick's console changes are being rediscussed and changed to build a competing console..

Omegasyde2261d ago

Not only that, the new lady in charge of the enterainment(?) division is being swapped out in the next month or so by a Nokia rep.

Yep - MS in my opinion is restructuring too fast. I understand Nokia was a cheap buy, but why? MS seems like they really are focusing more on mobile expiriences, but if they release an Ncage 2.0 GAME OVER.

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