Subscription Gaming: Still OK to Pay?

A look into the world of subscription gaming and the Free to Play market.

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zeal0us2268d ago

Its okay if the content that's being offer justify a monthly subscription. Sadly most P2P MMOs can't survive because they fail to deliver enough content. Companies tend to underestimate how fast some players get to endgame.

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt2268d ago

no keep away... well atleast from consoles

sloth33952268d ago

a 1 time fee maybe but not every month

LemonHunter2268d ago

The thing about this method however is that there are ongoing server fees etc that they need to try to maintain. Sure they could offer in-game purchases, but monetizing that in a way for them to make money runs the risk of it becoming a Pay to Win game, or something that has sporadic income rather than a solid flow of cash.

sloth33952268d ago

look at Elder Scrolls Online it has a fee and in game purchases so they want even more money

RedSoakedSponge2268d ago

it souly depends on if the value is there.

mcstorm2268d ago

I agree. It has + and - points. Its abit like Subscription music or tv service. If the content is there then it can be worth paying each month but it its not then its not worth paying.

I know people who only play WOW and have done for 5 or more years now and they still love it as much as they did at the start but I also know people who said it was not for them.

There is still a place in the market for it but it all depends on the person.