IGN editor reveals date and time for next Metal Gear Solid V event?

Mitch Dyer, an editor at IGN, has been posting some rather interesting updates on his Twitter.

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Batzi2269d ago


BiggCMan2269d ago

LET IT BE SOOOOOO MY FRIEND!! LET IT BE SO!! We've gone too long without any sort of news, I fully expect it to dominate TGS somehow, least I really hope so. But anything beforehand will surely wet by dehydrated tongue.

Donnieboi2269d ago

I'm hoping it's MGO since the L.A. team are the ones presenting.

Shuyin2269d ago

Plssss omg plss!!!!! Be MGO :(

DEEBO2269d ago


wtopez2269d ago

I know I'll get chewed out for this but Kojima really needs a film editor. I love the games so much. Doing single item or pure stealth only runs are something special in all of gaming but the overtly dramatics of the story and the long, heavy handed death scenes of the characters are taking away from that experiences. And with all that I still can't wait for the game to be out. And on PC from day one? Oh boy. !

TheDarpaChief2269d ago

Thursday feels so far away ;-;

TheOneWhoIsTornApart2269d ago

I really hope we are alowed to see this event instead of it being some behimd closed doors demo or something.

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