No Alone in the Dark X360 Demo Until June

A downloadable demo for the Xbox 360 edition of Alone in the Dark will not arrive until the title nears launch, according to a forum post from Atari Europe community administrator Tenebra.

Tenebra had previously indicated that a demo was in the planning stages for PC, X360 and PS3, with a debut planned for early May. Claiming they were given incorrect information, the administrator later clarified that an Xbox 360 demo would hit around the game's release, with "no confirmations on other formats."

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Fishy Fingers3839d ago

Disappointing, but I was buying this with or without a demo. All the video's/tech demo's had me sold some time ago.

Still, an early hands on I'm sure would of been appreciated by me and my fellow gamers :(

Grown Folks Talk3839d ago

The interactivity alone makes me interested.

sonarus3839d ago

yea the tech demos were impressive but i will wait on the reviews.

BeaArthur3839d ago

At least there is going to be a demo. It sucks being on the fence about a game; a demo typically solves the problem.

matchgrade3839d ago

Why won't they make a demo for the ps3? Developers seem to ignore us completely when it comes to freebies like this. Is our business worth less than xboxers'? I'd like to hear their reasoning for that.

kingme713839d ago

Wasn't it stated that the PS3 version would be delayed? I thought I read that last week. That would be surprising since Phil Harrison is now at Atari, or maybe it is out of his control.