Nintendo's Fall Gambit

The [a]list daily: "We look at whether the 2DS and the Wii U price drop give Nintendo a good chance in a difficult environment."

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fredolopez2261d ago

price-wise the 2DS is a good move but the convenience of folding a 3DS is still worth the extra cash. as for the Wii U, i think they released it too early with hardly any games. with Zelda, DK and Smash Bros. coming out, Wii U is gonna see a sales increase by the 2014 summer.

Xof2261d ago

2DS is meant for younger gamers, the kind of gamers who aren't in school yet (and for whom pocket-space isn't a concern).

As for the WiiU, I'm definitely with you there. I have no idea why Nintendo thought it was a good idea to launch the system without any decent first party titles lined up for the release window, let alone the following 7 or 8 months. I guess they thought gamers would lose interest in ports of two-year old PS3 games if they were three years old?

fredolopez2261d ago

ah okay, yeah 'cause that thing is just too big. i guess it would make sense 'cause a lot of kids tend to break the hinge.

Neonridr2260d ago

Don't forget that the 3DS is recommended for kids ages 7+ due to the 3D effect. I know you can just restrict the slider with a pin code to prevent your child from enabling it, but this allows them to play all the newer games on a system that won't potentially hurt their eyes.

Not to mention it is $50+ cheaper. That's a huge difference to parents.

Personally I love my 3DS and I wouldn't trade the folding design for anything, but it is still a smart move on Nintendo's part.

As for the Wii U releasing with no games, you do realize that if you look at the launch, no other game system has released with this many AAA titles, regardless if some were ports of older PS360 games (AC3 and Black Ops 2 do not count since they launched within 2 weeks of the other systems). The only thing Nintendo dropped the ball on was not having one or two more 1st party AAA titles available at launch. Regardless, things will pick up over the fall and 2014 for them, they will be fine.