Best Cheap Graphics Card: Asus Radeon HD 7790 vs. EVGA GTX 650 Ti Boost

Maximum PC: We don’t pay too much attention to the sub-$200 GPU market, but with AMD and Nvidia having boards at around the $150 mark that offer features previously only found on more expensive GPUs, including multi-GPU support and GPU clock boosting (for Nvidia). These new features suddenly made these budget boards very interesting, especially when dual-card setups are taken into consideration. Naturally, we pitted the new cards against one another in a Sweet-Spot showdown.

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ATi_Elite2265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )

HANDS down HD7790

it beats the GTX650 ti in a TON of benchmarks and gets you 32 FPS on HIGH Settings in Crysis 3 while GTX650ti barely gets you 30 so expect Low FPS during big explosions.

(These FPS are based on the cards being set to QUALITY and the game settings of High)

I own HD 7970GHZ CFX and GTX660ti SLI

SprigganN4G2265d ago

The AMD 7950 is 200 dollars, you can OC it to 1100MHZ easly, and performs like a GTX 680 Stock.

No contender.

ABizzel12265d ago

Yes it is. On Newegg you can get a 7950 for $199 right now.

Nevermind the sale ended, but you can get one for $209

This was $199 for labor day weekend

ABizzel12265d ago

The 7790 is the better deal overall, but in the long run if you had to chose between the two the 650 Ti Boost, would serve you better with it's 2GB of GDDR5 vs. 1GB GDDR5 in the 7790 (important when you Xfire or SIL).

cesuf2265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )

I understand some people are on a tight budget, but your gpu is about the last area you want to go cheap on if your a gamer.

With that said, this is too low end. Save up $50 more to into the 660ti or w/e the amd equivilant is.

Or if you wanna spend $250 and get some legit future proffing, the NVidia 760 for $250 is a steal from newegg.

wtopez2265d ago

That is true. And a second 760 in SLI later on will get you above Titan-level performance (in games with SLI profiles of course).

ABizzel12265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )


Well now the 7950 has some versions drop down the the $200 - $220 price range, so that range goes to AMD. The 7950 is just a tad bit better overall, but the 7950 comes with 3 games of your choice with the AMD promotion going on with the GPU, so it dominates in value over the 660ti while offering slightly better performance (and it has 3GB of GDDR5 for Xfire vs. 2GB for the 660ti).

MegaMohsi2265d ago

Agree at this point you might as well step up to a 660 or a 7850. You can save a few bucks on the CPU but the 2 things you don't want to cheap out on for gaming is the GPU and power supply

cunnilumpkin2265d ago

if your gonna go that low end you might as well just get a ps4/xbox1

these cards will only play a little bit better than next gen consoles

at least get a 660ti and destroy next gen!

MegaMohsi2265d ago

I think a 660 or 7850 is enough to destroy next gen with a quad core processor and 8 gb RAM

ElementX2265d ago

I have a 660ti and I can run basically everything I want to at respectable fps

Zechs342265d ago

I just got my 7950 for sub $200... It's been near perfect with everything Ive thrown at it.

cesuf2265d ago

You really got a bad value for $250 for that card. No question the 760 is far better. Idk hate to be "the guy" to tell you that. : (

Parasyte2265d ago

He said SUB $200. Which means he got it for less that $200.

cesuf2265d ago

Sorry but sub means middle, so sub 200 would be 250.

jeffgoldwin2265d ago


Really bro, sub-200 is $150? Better go back to the drawing board on that conclusion.

iamgoatman2265d ago

Sub means means under, not middle.

Parasyte2265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )

It's amazing how many of you kids have no grasp of the definition of basic prefixes.

"Sorry but sub means middle, so sub 200 would be 250.

Think before you speak cretin."

Thanks for the PM, but you are mistaken on this one.
Actually, kid, Webster's defines the prefix "sub-" as:

1: under : beneath : below

Get your facts straight before you call someone a cretin. It just makes you look like an ass. Do you even school?!

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